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Turn on the Lights!

My latest Prison Break recap is here and I would like to take this opportunity to ask the lighting technician to turn on the damn lights so we can see what's going on!

Episode 5.03 The Liar

Location: Sana'a, Yemen

 photo pb503-00001_zpsbzewjrkx.jpg

A quick visual reminder of the violence and instability in the area at the moment, just in case you'd forgotten.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00010_zpsd2cxmvoa.jpg

Michael is transcribing his tattoos on to a piece of paper.

 photo pb503-00013_zps60uqmjcu.jpg

Which he then folds up into a paper aeroplane. Bit of a step down from your usual origami skills, eh Michael?

He includes a piece of gum and sends the plane flying out the window.

 photo pb503-00019_zps5oiswpjd.jpg

To where some kids are collecting rubbish outside the prison. I kinda love that they call Michael Bubble Gum Man.

 photo pb503-00022_zps5qgvwsah.jpg

One of the kids is the same one who left the origami swan for Linc and C-Note to find, and he's the one who picks up the plane and the coveted gum.

 photo pb503-00025_zpsldrvosim.jpg

And he's off to deliver this latest message. But I'm wondering how he knows where to take it. Even if Michael included instructions to take it to the visiting Americans, how would the kid know where they're staying?

 photo pb503-00029_zpsvfaotmoc.jpg

But somehow he knows, and he leaves the message under the mat.

 photo pb503-00031_zpssosghwrp.jpg

Only to be caught by Lincoln.


Location: Wherever Linc and C-Note are staying

 photo pb503-00032_zpsfsqgj4pl.jpg

Sheba translates as the kid says that Bubble Gum Man, someone in the prison who he's never met, gives him gum in exchange for errands.

 photo pb503-00040_zpspjs7akty.jpg

Linc says that if he likes bubble gum then he'll love Tic Tacs, and he can have the whole lot if he keeps the messages coming.

 photo pb503-00042_zpsxzq7pune.jpg

The kid is delighted by this and says “Thank you Tic Tac Man” and I am seriously considering renaming Michael and Lincoln for this recap.

The girls from the school are listening in, and start giggling about Tic Tacs too.

 photo pb503-00046_zpsveslmyis.jpg

And the thawing of Sheba's bad opinion of Linc continues.

 photo pb503-00052_zpsbtrpc9fy.jpg

Sheba translates the writing on the paper as being a passage from the Suras about a prisoner, but the calligraphy and spacing is weird. Like spokes on a wheel.

 photo pb503-00056_zps6hylkmfi.jpg

A wheel like the centre of San'a... They wonder if the message could be a map.

 photo pb503-00058_zpszkf4imze.jpg

Lincoln notices a red dot and they realise that Michael's giving them a location. Linc wonders what the location could be and C-Note's all “Gee, I dunno, what could someone who's about to break out of prison be trying to communicate? Maybe where he wants us to meet him?”

 photo pb503-00063_zpsv7lsvfp7.jpg

A nearby explosion reminds them all of the situation and Sheba tells Linc that his brother is his business now. She has to focus on getting her family out of the country.

Lincoln says not so fast, they also needs tickets – him, Michael, and C-Note. Sheba says the kids deserve tickets more than a mercenary. Lincoln says that if she gets him the tickets he wants he'll pay for every single one of the kids.

 photo pb503-00079_zpsyhgi3e7p.jpg

Sheba thinks he'll do that anyway. Cos she's starting to realise that Linc has a heart.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00094_zpszrsq1mwe.jpg

It's Hints of Backstory time in the prison. Whip is panicking cos all of their plans, the passports, the shop, are probably under rubble by now. Michael says that he has someone on the outside, the only person he trusts as much as he trusts Whip. Wow, who is Whip if Michael trusts him as much as Linc? Or is he just saying that?


Location: Red Dot, Sana'a

 photo pb503-00104_zps24g2zfns.jpg

The trio find the spot on the map, which is apparently an auto shop that the owner sold to an American four years ago and hasn't seen since.

 photo pb503-00111_zpsgm2liuku.jpg

They deduce that Michael was using the place to plan his escape. It looks like the original exit point was the northern border but that won't be happening now.

 photo pb503-00118_zpsx7pxjqwh.jpg

They find passport photos and mock ups of disguises, including some of Abu Ramal, and realise that Michael was planning to break him out too.

 photo pb503-00122_zpslwqh1rgg.jpg

C-Note wonders who exactly they're helping to break out here, Michael Scofield or Kaniel Outis?


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00130_zpsk6yomrfd.jpg

Abu Ramal has wasted no time in installing himself in a position of power in the prison and has decided to hold court in the courtyard.

 photo pb503-00137_zpsuotkyhfc.jpg

As Sid predicted, he's first on Ramal's hit list.

 photo pb503-00164_zpse4uhxvb2.jpg

And despite Whip's attempts to help his friend, Ramal's men string him up.

 photo pb503-00165_zpsnulnvf7p.jpg

Michael comes over and tries to convince Ramal to let him go, that the escape is tonight and if Ramal wants to get out he needs them both. Ramal isn't moved, so Michael says he'll do it himself.

 photo pb503-00173_zpsldtksnc9.jpg

But just as Michael reaches Sid, the guard fires into the air and announces that there will be no killing in this prison. I'm pretty sure the other guard would just have let it happen though.

 photo pb503-00179_zpsvpv5gyto.jpg

And of course they had to wait until that moment to break it all up, letting it get far enough that Ramal now knows Michael is willing to go against him.


Location: Hospital, Ithaca, New York

 photo pb503-00184_zpsgpqlq8b8.jpg

The two assassins are looking at surveillance photos taken of Sara and Mike Jr with the origami flower. They say that he's tried to contact her before but this is the first time he's succeeded. Ooh, is that what all the origami swans in the drain were about? Had Michael been sending her messages all this time but someone intercepted them and threw them away? Was it Jacob? I bet it was Jacob.

 photo pb503-00190_zpsfurwd2mu.jpg

Blonde Assassin wonders what's going on and why she was sent to spill some blood at this lady's house but told to stop before spilling hers. So it is significant that she didn't kill Sara despite knowing where she was.

Brunet Assassin says that she'll get used to Poseidon's game and this is all a performance designed to make Outis reach out to Dr Sara and she'll lead them to him. Sooo, Poseidon doesn't know that Michael's in Ogygia? I'm confused.


Location: Jacob's Hospital Room

 photo pb503-00200_zps5bdueqt9.jpg

Jacob says that the docs say he can go home in the morning. Dr Sara, being a doctor, doesn't think that a severed femoral artery is something you recover from quite that quickly, but Jacob is insistent.

Dr Sara suggests that she and Mike Jr pick him up and the three of them head out to go see Jacob's parents. Jacob says she doesn't want to be in the house and Dr Sara is all “Well, duh. Someone did break in and shoot you.”

 photo pb503-00222_zpsjoartmz9.jpg

Jacob waxes lyrical about Sara's face and the thing she does with her nose when she's determined. He goes on about how the tiniest detail, less than a millimetre, differentiates everything and how an emotion can be so troubled on one person and so beautiful on another.

Ok, Jacob, Sara's cute I agree with you there, but I still don't trust you. And that was such a weird thing to say I'm sure it's going to be significant later.

They kiss and the camera pans out to show us...

 photo pb503-00226_zpswyvfanes.jpg

Sara's phone being hacked!


Location: Hospital Toilets

 photo pb503-00233_zpso0hcdnkb.jpg

T-Bag has apparently been hanging around the ladies toilets, waiting for Dr Sara to come in. Dr Sara is understandably reluctant to be in close proximity to the man who threatened to rape her, but T-Bag insists he comes in peace.

 photo pb503-00243_zps4naidyjz.jpg

He shows her his shiny new robot hand and wonders why someone would pay a million bucks for him to have it.

Dr Sara has no idea, but T-Bag says he already went looking for answers and when he Googled Mr Outis he found pictures of her dead ex-husband. (Not her ex-husband, Teddy, that would imply they divorced.) T-Bag wonders what the man's drawing them into now.

 photo pb503-00244_zps9zsauy4o.jpg

Dr Sara wants T-Bag to leave her and her family the hell alone.

T-Bag says it would be better for them to work together to figure this out, but Sara's already out the door.

 photo pb503-00257_zps79bydyty.jpg

Out in the corridor she pulls her phone out, and is shocked to see...

 photo pb503-00259_zpszfitlfdj.jpg

Messages and information flying across the screen.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00262_zpsxeu52lej.jpg

The guards have all the prisoners in the yard to let them know that killing people in a big no-no, and that while they're under the prison roof they'll play by the prison rules.

 photo pb503-00271_zpsgwc8uetf.jpg

A man starts whispering to Whip abut how Michael isn't to be trusted. Apparently this man and Michael were in solitary across from each other and Michael tried to convince him to escape, just the two of them, but the man wouldn't leave his brother cos he's a Christian and an Army man.

He also chimes in with the running slander of this series so far, namely that Michael is an opportunist who will just use people and abandon them.

 photo pb503-00280_zpsgcamo0vn.jpg

Whip looks over at Michael and Ramal standing together on the other side and seems to be considering the Christian's words.


Location: Wherever Linc and C-Note are Staying, Sana'a

 photo pb503-00298_zpse1jgrasa.jpg

Linc and Michael are going to need passports, so who better to go to than the guy who took Linc's passport in the first place? The original is long gone by now, but Omar says he can get some forgeries made.

Linc hands over $2000 upfront with another $2000 to be paid on collection and I'm wondering where on earth he's getting all this money from. Wasn't he running away from gangsters at the beginning of this season cos he owes them $100,000?

 photo pb503-00312_zpsbcrzaes5.jpg

C-Note says that this means they'll have to split up. While Linc and Sheba go collect the passports, he and Mohammed will go turn out the lights.

 photo pb503-00313_zps0zjf0akj.jpg

Mohammed and his daughter hug and I hope this doesn't mean something bad is going to happen.


Location: Ithaca, New York

 photo pb503-00316_zpsgakvevdu.jpg

Dr Sara is in her car, listening to the news about how Sana'a is only about a day away from total collapse.

 photo pb503-00324_zpss9ylvgij.jpg

She heads into JEP's Electronics to buy a new phone and ask the guy behind the counter if there's any chance he can find out who hacked her old one.

 photo pb503-00325_zpszhmkzay4.jpg

Despite all the hacking and how long it must have been since she charged it, her phone is still at 96% battery life. What kind of magic phone is this?


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00333_zpsdjeinxx9.jpg

Whip is wondering if there's any truth to what the Christian said about Michael saying he'd take him and no one else when he escaped.

Michael says the guy's a liar, but Whip thinks that being a Christian and in the Army makes for a pretty trustworthy person. Michael thinks the women Christian and his brother murdered and dismembered say otherwise.

 photo pb503-00350_zps03gzswiu.jpg

Whip wants to know that he can still trust Michael and Michael says that he's been able to trust him all the years they've been working together. But Whip wonders if all that time in solitary might have done something.

He also gives us a bit more backstory to this whole affair, saying that Poseidon put them in there to get Ramal out but then abandoned them. He says that Ramal is Poesidon's guy, not theirs, and wonders why they're still getting him out.

Michael says there's a difference between getting someone out and telling them you're going to get them out.

 photo pb503-00353_zpsybc4upnt.jpg

Whip's still worried though. He's obviously been listening to Jacob's speech about game theory and wonders if Michael is lying to him the same way he says he's lying to Ramal.

Michael then proves that Whip is his whip hand...

 photo pb503-00357_zpsg91qt5gt.jpg

By punching him in the face.

Michael and Whip get into a brawl and have to be separated by the guards.

 photo pb503-00366_zpsrwkzevyj.jpg

Giving Michael the opportunity to show off his new career in pick-pocketing and stealing the guard's watch.

Whip storms off and Ramal comes up to Michael, saying that by tomorrow they won't have to worry about him.

 photo pb503-00376_zpsadgwgblu.jpg

Michael whispers something in Ramal's ear but we don't get to hear it. He also moves his arm in such a way that I'm pretty sure the guard's watch is now in Ramal's pocket.


Location: Forgers' District, Yemen

 photo pb503-00383_zpskejqlfyo.jpg

Sheba and Lincoln are off to pick up the passports. Sheba warns him to keep his head down cos there are a lot of ISIL sympathisers around.

 photo pb503-00388_zpsfhnp1zcr.jpg

Like the forger, apparently, who wonders why they're leaving the country right when the glorious revolution is at hand. But they're here for passports, not politics.

 photo pb503-00395_zps3h88ov9d.jpg

Sheba hands over the money.

 photo pb503-00396_zpsxerv79x6.jpg

But the passports are empty.

 photo pb503-00400_zps91ba4kjz.jpg

Icky Guy suddenly appears and a fight ensues, with Sheba and Linc on the losing side.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00407_zpsnkdgojlz.jpg

Back in their cell, Michael apologises to Whip for punching him in the face and says he can explain. Sid wonders if he can explain why he was going to let Ramal kill him and Ja thinks that Michael is a bit too chummy with the head of ISIL.

Michael explains that people in his government want Ramal for their own convoluted foreign policy and that's the job he and Whip were sent in to do. But now they've been betrayed the job's off and they're all getting out without Ramal.

 photo pb503-00421_zpskeojl2qp.jpg

Ja wonders why he'd need a Korean junkie when he already has a plan in place.

Michael says that the escape is only the beginning and he'll need a genius like Ja when they're over on the other side of the wall.

 photo pb503-00427_zpstia06epd.jpg

Whip wants to get back to the whole punching him in the face thing that Michael did. Michael says it was to prove that he sides with Whip and not Ramal. Whip wonders how splitting his lip proves any such thing.

 photo pb503-00431_zpsnmpfv8tp.jpg

Right on cue, the guard comes marching down demanding to know where his watch is. Michael feigns innocence.

 photo pb503-00436_zpsnrghaqd4.jpg

The guards toss the cell but don't find anything, so order a lockdown of the whole prison. No one gets out of their cells until the watch is found.

 photo pb503-00450_zps7z01xbar.jpg

And that was Michael's plan all along. Ramal is now locked in his cell and they're locked in theirs, but only theirs has a handy escape hole in the ceiling.


Location: Somewhere

 photo pb503-00457_zps1vezs35x.jpg

Linc wakes up from his assisted nap and starts shouting Sheba's name.

 photo pb503-00461_zpsuuwzotxe.jpg

Sheba is having a not very fun chat with Icky, who sounds like the kind of guy who posts on Reddit about how women are all horrible bitches who won't date Nice Guys like him. He says that he doted on her in grade school and waited and waited.

Sheba doesn't think that trying to rape her counts as waiting.

 photo pb503-00471_zpsx6sh96y6.jpg

She pleads with him to untie her.

So she can take his other eye.


Location: JEP's Electronics

 photo pb503-00480_zpsoora8coj.jpg

The Assassins decide to pay a visit to the phone repair man and ask if he's seen Dr Sara. Phone Man says sorry, he can't help them.

 photo pb503-00492_zpsfzubnamm.jpg

Blonde Assassin wonders if a little bit of physical violence will change his mind.

It does, and Phone Man says that she was there ten minutes ago asking who hacked her phone.

 photo pb503-00499_zpsa2br3nvm.jpg

Brunet Assassin realises that now she knows, cos she's across the road in another shop, watching JEP's.

 photo pb503-00501_zpsobfagnwx.jpg

Dr Sara makes a run for it, but the back door opens out to a dead end so she heads up to the roof as the Assassins follow. Does no one in this shop wonder what's going on? Why are they allowing these random people to go wherever they like?

 photo pb503-00516_zpssfkp5f53.jpg

Up on the roof Dr Sara considers making a jump for it into a handy nearby dumpster.

 photo pb503-00526_zpszkop1zrs.jpg

The Assassins make it up on the roof in time to watch the dumpster being driven away. Blonde Assassin wonders if there's any chance Poseidon will just let them kill her.

They head off...

 photo pb503-00531_zpswhv9tkvx.jpg

And we see that Dr Sara decided against dumpster diving after all and has been hiding on the roof all this time. So, presumably she now knows the name Poseidon is significant.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00546_zpslxldogw3.jpg

Ja and Sid are discussing what they're going to do with themselves once they're free of this place. Ja is going to go back to his house in Seoul. Sid is going to Canada to be a ski jumper, despite never having seen snow in his life.

 photo pb503-00550_zpsrhaj9zxj.jpg

Behind them Michael closes his eyes, looking pained. This worries me. Are you planning to leave them behind and feeling guilty about it, Michael? You wouldn't do that, would you?


Location: Upstate New York

 photo pb503-00556_zpsib4k2cfl.jpg

Dr Sara and Jacob have arrived at his parents' house when her phone rings.

 photo pb503-00567_zpsxm9iorb0.jpg

It's Brian from JEP's who got her number when he activated her new phone and wanted to let her know that he figured out who hacked her phone. It was her.

Yes, apparently her thumb print was used to access her phone. I'm not sure how they were able to do that remotely, but whatever. I told you there was only one reason you get someone a glass of water.

So, what's Evil Paul up to now?

 photo pb503-00581_zpsqdonc5lt.jpg

Dr Sara tells Jacob about her encounter with the Assassins and that she took her phone to JEP's to try and figure out who they were working for. Jacob thinks this is the kind of the thing you should go to the police about but Sara doesn't have faith in the ability of the police to do anything.

Jacob says he has a stake in this too cos it's his wife and his son. No, Jacob. Mike isn't your son. He's a Scofield.

Jacob suggests using the computer science resources at the university, but Dr Sara says the phone's going to stay at JEP's.

 photo pb503-00587_zpsjketr5k1.jpg

Jacob asks if her plan is to just bury her head in the sand, which makes Sara realise that that's exactly what you shouldn't do.


Location: T-Bag's Hotel Room

 photo pb503-00599_zps6gpz3hkm.jpg

T-Bag answers the phone with “Which one's this?”

 photo pb503-00600_zpso6ycwjpl.jpg

And Dr Sara replies, “The one you accosted in a bathroom.”

T-Bag doesn't think that counts as accostment, but Dr Sara hasn't called to have a debate about dictionary definitions. She says she's learnt some things about who it is they're both looking for but she needs to know he's willing to go the distance.

T-Bag says he's made of distance. Dr Sara tells him that he's going to have a conversation with Paul Kellerman.

 photo pb503-00607_zps5ur2nkms.jpg

T-Bag seems shocked that Kellerman's behind this.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00621_zpsmhvn1a1o.jpg

Fifteen minutes to go and it's Exposition Time! Whip tells us that he was a nobody before Michael recruited him, pulling him out of prison in the Ozarks, and they did CIA work together, getting their people out from various prisons around the world.

He says that during all those breaks they had each others backs and Michael always had integrity. And it's the same this time, that Kaniel Outis was just a trumped up rap sheet invented to get Michael locked up.

 photo pb503-00626_zpslau8jiri.jpg

But Whip is worried that something might have happened to Michael in solitary. That maybe he's actually becoming Kaniel Outis in his head and wants Ramal out after all.

Michael reiterates that Ramal is out of the picture, but Whip knows that their escape goes right above Ramal's cell and it would be no trouble for them to knock down a couple of tiles and, hey presto, Ramal joins them in the escape.

He asks what Michael whispered to Ramal after the fight...

 photo pb503-00639_zpsatlbuwuq.jpg

Nine minutes.

Ramal knows that's how long it is till the escape cos Michael told him at dinner.

He tells his group that it's only supposed to be him escaping, but all of them will be coming.

 photo pb503-00643_zps1bsu5sls.jpg

Before that can happen though, the guards turn up to toss their cell...

 photo pb503-00647_zpso2biebe9.jpg

And find the stolen watch in Ramal's coat.

 photo pb503-00649_zpsz9b9uhqs.jpg

Christian laughs at him for trusting the liar.


Location: Department of Electrical Works, Sana'a

 photo pb503-00656_zpsqtdpx6o2.jpg

Mohammed pulls the breakers and sends C-Note to pull the redundancies down the hall while he stays behind to deal with security.

 photo pb503-00660_zpsuqkqvq2i.jpg

C-Note finds the electrical cupboard and I'm wondering if he actually knows what he's supposed to do here.

 photo pb503-00661_zpsdwuhgqap.jpg

He opts to go old-school. Also known as beating the shit out of it.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00665_zpsjruw01um.jpg

The lights go out.

 photo pb503-00669_zpst0hnrduj.jpg

And the escape is on.

 photo pb503-00675_zpsvavwnhdu.jpg

Unfortunately the lights went out while Ramal and his friends were out of their cell and they're able to overpower the guards. Ramal realises that the others are trying to escape without them and tells his friends to get to their cell in Block 6.

 photo pb503-00677_zpsslzzs0qa.jpg

Christian and his brother are nearby and overhear that an escape is happening down in Block 6.

 photo pb503-00689_zpsmu4fggt4.jpg

On the way they prove their Christian/Army values and stab this guard to death, stealing his keys.


Location: Somewhere

 photo pb503-00691_zpszdvhggmd.jpg

Icky is trying again to rape Sheba. I'm so looking forward to when he gets his comeuppance and she shoots him in the face.

 photo pb503-00698_zpshzneqewo.jpg

The sounds of struggle and Sheba's cries motivate Linc to start breaking things and up his attempts to escape.

 photo pb503-00708_zps6khdjbxb.jpg

He does so, and pulls Icky off Sheba.

 photo pb503-00712_zpshtbc3tzd.jpg

Before punching him in the face multiple times.

 photo pb503-00717_zpsfqnfbhz3.jpg

He helps Sheba up and calls C-Note to tell him to get to the rendezvous at the auto shop cos he and Sheba aren't going to make it.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb503-00726_zpsuwrrsyhq.jpg

Michael has made it to the roof area, but unfortunately lockdown means more guards have been posted up there and they can't go out just yet.

 photo pb503-00737_zpsrvpolk5w.jpg

Meanwhile, the Christian brothers have made it to the cell and, thanks to the stolen keys, are able to get right in.

Whip kicks down the bunks to try and slow them down.

 photo pb503-00745_zpsyf1nfdcg.jpg

But they're able to reach up enough to grab Sid and pull him back down into the cell.

 photo pb503-00746_zpsvavd26in.jpg

The Christians demand Michael pull them up. Michael says Sid comes up first. They argue about it for too long and Ramal and his men appear, shooting one of the Christians.

There's shouting and confusion. Christian is crying over his brother, Ramal and his men are swarming into the cell, and Sid looks terrified.

 photo pb503-00753_zpsrhiuawhu.jpg

Michael looks pained but turns around and leaves. Noooo, you can't leave Sid!

 photo pb503-00762_zps8n4a8qp5.jpg

Ramal and his men are about to follow Michael up the hole, but the guards appear and bring the chaos in the cell under control.

 photo pb503-00768_zpsokvrop1x.jpg

Michael, Whip, and Ja are up on the roof, with only a short window of time to make their escape. I'm still annoyed with them for leaving Sid.

 photo pb503-00771_zpsobwvoydn.jpg

Unfortunately the plan to disappear like ghosts has gone up in smoke, and the guards in the cell notice the massive gaping hole in the ceiling.

 photo pb503-00776_zpsov8brknh.jpg

Which results in the trio on the roof being caught.

 photo pb503-00797_zpsrpuirgiw.jpg

C-Note makes it to the rendezvous point.

 photo pb503-00798_zpszkfmfg5o.jpg

Just in time to see the failure of the plan.

 photo pb503-00804_zps8lba5e2w.jpg

Ramal and Michael are in solitary cells close enough to each other for Ramal to swear by all that he believes in that Kaniel Outis will die for this. Maybe even tomorrow.

 photo pb503-00811_zpsucdivne4.jpg

Michael has a good long look at the eye tattoo on his hand, which is obviously significant. He looks broken and defeated, and pulls out Ja's phone, which has 2% battery life left. Ja needs to have a talk with Dr Sara before he buys his next phone.

 photo pb503-00829_zpskddnrla9.jpg

Michael begins recording a video to Sara. He says that he might be putting her in danger by doing this, but then again he might be dead tomorrow and they'll leave her alone.

 photo pb503-00832_zpsah0pnzms.jpg

Then he starts crying and says that he never stopped loving her and this whole lie was for her. He also pleads with her not to let them put Kaniel Outis on his headstone, because that's never been who he was.

He wants them to put his real name, the man he's always been, Michael Scofield.


My thoughts:

FINALLY! Now can the show please stop trying to convince us that Michael's evil? I mean, I don't mind the characters wondering about it if they don't know any better, but we the audience know. And Lincoln and Sara know.

I kinda love the idea that this was all for Sara. The original Prison Break was about how far he'd go for his brother, and this looks like it might be how far he'll go for his wife. Because he loves them both. And his son.

At the moment my working theory is that someone from the CIA or another Evil Conspiracy recruited him after he broke Sara out of prison and made some sort of deal to pardon her and keep her safe if he worked for them. Maybe it was legit to begin with and he thought he'd be allowed to go back to her after a while, but then they started threatening her instead.

I wonder what the significance of the eye tattoo is. He was looking at it before he made the video so maybe it's a reference to Sara. A reminder of her, or the fact that they're watching her maybe?

Who is Poseidon? Is it Evil Paul? Does Evil Paul work for him? I thought that he was Not So Evil Paul last time we saw him, but who knows. Maybe he missed being part of an Evil Conspiracy too much and went back to his Evil ways.

And I'm still wondering who exactly Whip is. I said last week that I thought his identity was significant cos they've not told us who he actually is. And the fact that he and Michael have been working together for years seems to reinforce that.

Also, did they say that Michael was in solitary in Ogygia for four years? Cos that's harsh.
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