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Prison Break Recap

Episode 5.02: Kaniel Outis

Location: Yemen

 photo pb502-00006_zpsrcgcftq0.jpg

Things are not going well in Yemen, as seen in this ISIL propaganda video.

 photo pb502-00010_zpsttqlqwey.jpg

And here's the reason why. Meet Abu Ramal; terrorist, extremist and all around seriously evil bad guy.

And where is Ramal at the moment? Why, being held prisoner in Yemen's notorious penitentiary, Ogygia Prison, of course..


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00012_zps74dyyjnc.jpg

It's night time and the guards are making their rounds. Which means that all the prisoners are tucked up in bed, sleeping like good little boys, right?

 photo pb502-00019_zpsxrpqyghd.jpg

Of course they're not.

As soon as the guard passes, Michael leaps up to undo a bit of the ceiling above his bed. He tells Whip to get up there with him, while reassuring Sid that he's not going to leave him behind, thus handily establishing the names of these characters for us.

 photo pb502-00034_zpsohc0w919.jpg

Michael and Whip crawl along somewhere very poorly lit, which I suppose is realistic but makes it very difficult to do a screencap recap for.

Whip says that this would be a lot easier if it was just the two of them like on all the other ones. Wait, what? Do you two make a habit of breaking out of prisons? Is that where you've been all this time, Michael? Are you some sort of prison breaker for hire? Or did you have so much fun doing it before that you deliberately get yourself arrested over and over again?

 photo pb502-00056_zps2pdihgln.jpg

Whatever the case, Michael and Whip emerge onto a ledge (I think, it's so damn dark) and helpfully lay out their plan for us at home. Board spans the gap, blanket covers the wire, and right about now the lights should go out. But they didn't flash 24 hours before, which was supposed to be the signal, and it doesn't look like they're going out now.

Apparently this has been the case for the last seven nights and Whip is losing faith, especially considering how close the bomb strikes are getting.

He says that “Poseidon” has left them there to die, making us all wonder who Poseidon is. Michael says he has one card left to play and while he didn't want to play it, it's already in motion. This is Linc, presumably.

 photo pb502-00057_zpsonsewubj.jpg

Yeah, those lights aren't going out. Time to head back.


Location: Sana'a, Yemen

 photo pb502-00064_zpsy3rbcuc1.jpg

C-Note helpfully recaps the situation for us, letting us know that Kaniel Outis was thrown into Ogygia for crimes against the government, then tried to escape and got thrown into solitary, before being released into Gen Pop recently.

Lincoln wants C-Note to call him Michael, dammit.

 photo pb502-00070_zpstkwnbd68.jpg

There's a noise at the door that lets them know someone is listening on the other side.

 photo pb502-00072_zps9qhoarrc.jpg

Lincoln throws the doors open to reveal...

 photo pb502-00073_zpshten8j2b.jpg

This kid, who quickly makes a break for it.

 photo pb502-00086_zpsppikuupi.jpg

Lincoln gives chase, but the kid manages to elude him and he returns to C-Note empty handed.

C-Note, though, is not empty-handed.

 photo pb502-00088_zpsgbummfxx.jpg

He has the origami swan that the kid left under the doormat. Michael's calling card.

 photo pb502-00098_zpspfqyhekf.jpg

And Michael's handwriting. But what does it mean?

 photo pb502-00108_zpsqnr8zcr4.jpg

C-Note wonders why he's being so mysterious. Have you ever even met Michael, C-Note? He asks Lincoln if Michael ever talked to him straight, as in not in code, and Linc says that he's worried about someone intercepting the message. True, but I also think that Michael just loves a good code.

They have no idea who the Sheik of Light could be and C-Note suggests asking Sheba for help. Linc thinks that could be difficult since she thinks he's a big old terrorist lover.


Location: Sheba's House

 photo pb502-00121_zpskwutyapq.jpg

Sheba is trying to convince her father to escape the country cos he works for the government and is therefore a target. He refuses to abandon his country in her hour of need.

Sheba suggests going abroad and regrouping with an exile government. But her father doesn't think they have the money for such an undertaking.

He then announces that he'd rather die facing the enemy than run away and exits stage left, leaving the room clear for a knock on the door.

 photo pb502-00131_zpspnhc8dxq.jpg

It's C-Note, who appears to knock then let himself in, but that might just be bad editing. I hope so cos I don't think C-Note would be that rude.

Sheba advises him to get out of the country as quickly as he can.

 photo pb502-00137_zpstj9ax4fr.jpg

She is also not very happy that Lincoln has come with him cos his brother's an evil terrorist and there's absolutely nothing he could say to make her help him.

 photo pb502-00146_zpsxkh5uvnq.jpg

Except that.


Location: Ithaca, New York

 photo pb502-00152_zpsjet6cg3i.jpg

Nice school, Mike Jr.

Dr Sara is dropping her son off at school when her phone chimes to let her know she has a message.

 photo pb502-00156_zpsxak0zgff.jpg

It's from Lincoln, who clearly has a very good data plan if he's able to send video from Yemen. She starts to watch the video, but has to say goodbye to Mike Jr first.

 photo pb502-00167_zpssr2zzy1a.jpg

Mike Jr, like all little boys everywhere, doesn't want to go to school, but Dr Sara assures him that she'll be right there when the bell rings at the end of the day.

 photo pb502-00177_zpsfpytnb61.jpg

Dr Sara then takes the time to set up the phone properly in her car before watching the video for some reason.

 photo pb502-00178_zpswqmpr1vh.jpg

It's Michael!

 photo pb502-00179_zpsef1u4br9.jpg

Dr Sara is understandably emotional at seeing her husband again after thinking he was dead for seven years.

 photo pb502-00185_zpsnlnvn3r5.jpg

She reaches out to touch the screen.

 photo pb502-00188_zpsy9loeeig.jpg

And the moment is interrupted by a phone call from Husband No 2. I must say I do quite love the image of her two husbands side by side here.

 photo pb502-00192_zpsom0cxm3u.jpg

Dr Sara tries to put on a happy voice for Jacob, who is amused to have been described as a “Noted Economist” in the newspaper.

 photo pb502-00193_zpsfrttdis5.jpg

Props to the props department for actually bothering to write a sensible article. Although I'm not sure Sara told the police that the intruder entered through the front door. She just said there was one in the house.

I also object to her being Sara Ness, and calling Mike “their” young son, but that's just my personal feelings.

 photo pb502-00197_zps1vs9lrwk.jpg

Jacob wonders if this is all related to when some government guys were picking his brain about game theory for use in foreign policy and maybe he heard something he shouldn't have.

Dr Sara reassures him that this has nothing to do with him and I'm wondering how much Jacob knows about Sara. I mean the Fox River escape was a huge story at the time and he must have heard about it. Does he really know nothing about the conspiracy part of it all?

Dr Sara tells him that she's going to run some errands then visit him later.

 photo pb502-00209_zpsoo8ydxfi.jpg

Jacob goes bye bye, leaving just Michael on the screen. Symbolism.


Location: US Department of State

 photo pb502-00213_zpsgmlvrayz.jpg

Dr Sara enters, having called earlier about a missing US citizen in the middle east. Wait, Sara, did you forget about the conspiracy part of it all? I can't believe you'd be so quick to go to the authorities with something like this.

Henry Kishida introduces himself and says that it's an unusual situation, what with her husband being legally dead and the person she's talking about going under a different name.

Someone else appears and says they'll take it from here...

 photo pb502-00221_zpscc5hms55.jpg

It's Evil Paul!

 photo pb502-00223_zps7zmnozs6.jpg

Dr Sara is still a little upset about the whole torturing her and leaving her to die thing that Evil Paul did, so she doesn't really want to deal with him.

But Evil Paul knowing the name Kaniel Outis convinces her to step in to his office.

 photo pb502-00242_zps928xmwun.jpg

And a very nice office is is too. Very appropriate for the Regular Joe that Evil Paul is now.

Evil Paul is very concerned about the BPAs in Dr Sara's plastic water bottle and asks Henry to get her a glass. Years of watching TV has taught me that the only reason you get someone a glass is if you want to steal their fingerprints.

 photo pb502-00249_zps7svv7tcq.jpg

The fact that Henry specifically hands Sara the glass, forcing her to touch it to put it down, makes me think I may be right.

 photo pb502-00250_zpsn86yh9vi.jpg

Evil Paul then goes on to explain that Kaniel Outis is a known terrorist with ties to ISIL and is wanted in the killing of a senior CIA official.

Dr Sara objects to that, saying that Michael's not a killer. To which Evil Paul points out that Kaniel Outis is, and, according to the official record, this is Kaniel Outis...

 photo pb502-00252_zpsfxlnapqo.jpg

He also says the same thing that C-Note did last episode, namely that it would take someone extremely smart to be able to pull all this off. A genius. Like, say, Michael Scofield...

 photo pb502-00262_zpsjvaymphz.jpg

Dr Sara does not appreciate this slander against her husband.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00273_zpsu3bhwfvm.jpg

Whip's a bit worried about the fact that they're gonna die in there. Michael's more optimistic, but admits that they don't have time to come up with a new plan so they're still going to have to leave via the roof.

Whip realises that Michael's nervous, which does not bode well.


Location: Sheba's House

 photo pb502-00293_zps34xjhvb6.jpg

Sheba and C-Note are looking at the message from Michael. She wants to make sure Lincoln knows she's only doing this for the money and still thinks he's the scum of the earth. Linc just wants her to deliver him the Sheik.

Sheba points out that the Sheiks are well away from there and there is no “Sheik of Light” so this is probably a code

C-Note: “She knows your brother.” Heh.

 photo pb502-00302_zps9onk8rxl.jpg

She notices some out of place tape and peels it away to reveal dots. C-Note suggests it could be Braille or Morse, but Sheba thinks it's more simple than that. A phone number.

 photo pb502-00309_zpsdovvutqz.jpg

She calls it and gets the voicemail for Mohammed El-Tunis, Director of Electrical Works in Sana'a. That certainly sounds like a guy who could be the Sheik of Light.


Location: Department of Electrical Works, Sana'a,, Yemen

 photo pb502-00321_zpsiwawi7jt.jpg

The trio head to the Department of Electrical Works to pay a visit to the Sheik of Light. But the Sheik isn't there. He went to the suburbs to try and find his daughter. The guard gives them the address but says they're not going to try and find him, are they?

 photo pb502-00324_zpsiotjvggt.jpg

This does not bode well for the suburbs.

 photo pb502-00331_zpsmayfwpn4.jpg

Outside, Sheba is all “Here's the address, see ya.” Linc says she's coming with them but she says if he thinks she's going to the suburbs he's crazy. C-Note asks what's wrong with the suburbs.

 photo pb502-00346_zps3qs4gdv7.jpg

Oh, just explosions and death. Or did you miss that?

 photo pb502-00342_zpsljbeuqvn.jpg

Sheba says “Nice knowing you, Benjamin” and I kinda love that. She then demands Linc pay up, but he's insistent. No Sheik, no money.


Location: Dr Sara's Nice New York House

 photo pb502-00350_zpsd8czcy3z.jpg

Dr Sara is folding shirts as though an armed assassin didn't break into her house and try to kill her a couple of days ago, when her phone rings. It's Evil Paul telling her to check her email. I'm assuming he hasn't sent her a cute cat video.

 photo pb502-00351_zpst7opxekv.jpg

This is apparently footage shot by a hunter on one of those motion sensor cameras that transmit images when they're triggered by movement.

And what are we supposed to be looking at?

 photo pb502-00358_zpsdmdhpxnr.jpg

The murder of Harlan Gaines, Deputy Chief of the CIA...

 photo pb502-00360_zpspmny3thf.jpg

By Michael Scofield/Kaniel Outis.

Dr Sara points out that this is exactly what they did to frame Lincoln. Evil Paul says that they also have blood evidence cos when Kaniel flew to Yemen they didn't manage to catch him but they did catch his luggage and it had Gaines's blood all over the clothes inside.

Oh, come on Evil Paul. Michael's a genius. Why would he pack incriminating evidence to take with him when making his escape? I can't believe that you've also forgotten the conspiracy part of previous events. You were part of the Evil Conspiracy! You set people up like this all the time!

According to Evil Paul, the evidence is overwhelming. Evil Paul's definition of overwhelming is very different to mine.


Location: Hospital

 photo pb502-00372_zpso9rcugew.jpg

Jacob is reading a book called Economics Today. Yeah, he's definitely evil.

 photo pb502-00373_zpsjla8ery4.jpg

But Sara's cute. And she's come to pick his brain about her other husband.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00386_zpsht6lxdgl.jpg

The fourth guy in Michael's cell is this man, Ja, who has something hidden in the wall.

 photo pb502-00389_zpsjjmnerql.jpg

It's a mobile phone! Which he uses to watch Queen's We Are The Champions. Whips wants to know how he got that phone in there. I want to know how he keeps it charged.

 photo pb502-00398_zps46hnaufd.jpg

Ja threatens to stab them in the face if they don't shut up and let him watch his music vid. Whip thinks it's funny that the biggest SOB in a Middle Eastern prison is Korean. Michael points out that he's in withdrawal.

 photo pb502-00416_zps1l75dfxh.jpg

Michael gives us some handy exposition about Ja, telling Whip that the guy is the biggest collector of Queen paraphernalia in the world and apparently bought Freddie Mercury's ashes off eBay when he was high.

Whip wants to know how he knows all this and Michael says he asked. Whip finds this an astounding concept and says just when he thinks he knows Michael's game, he doesn't.

Michael's all “You know my game, Whip” and Whip points out that he doesn't even know why Michael calls him Whip. Seriously? Michael just gave him a name and he went along with it? Michael says it's because he's his whip hand, his ace in the hole.

Whip's probably wondering why he's not called Ace then.


Location: Hospital Room

 photo pb502-00421_zpsk4wdzqhe.jpg

Jacob is telling Sara all about game theory. Where it serves you to be two faced and make everyone love you so much that when shit goes down their loyalty will make them act against their own best interests.

It's a cold, rational focus at winning, even at the expense of everyone else.

 photo pb502-00426_zpsf7klxmzq.jpg

Sara wonders what Michael stands to gain, leaving his family and creating a new identity. I'm so confused about how much Sara has told Jacob. He doesn't seem surprised to hear that her first husband might have faked his death, but he still thinks that he was shot because of an Economics think tank?

Apparently Sara has told Jacob a lot, cos he mentions Michael asking her to leave the door open for him. He says that in true game theory everyone is a contingency. You bring people into your life and keep them close until you need to manipulate the relationship to your advantage.

 photo pb502-00436_zpsxqmjv8sy.jpg

Like Sid.

 photo pb502-00437_zpspljmqk2p.jpg

And Ja.

 photo pb502-00438_zpspqfvuosj.jpg

And Whip.

(Thanks for that visual reminder, show)

 photo pb502-00440_zpsoamso1tp.jpg

Jacob says he's not judging, but that way lies madness. And while someone might start off thinking that small evils are acceptable to serve the greater good, it can become jumbled to the point where they just like manipulating people for the sake of winning.

 photo pb502-00443_zpsb8ldwe87.jpg

Don't listen to him, Sara! I know Michael is a bit too obsessed with codes and schemes, but you know he's not like that.

I don't trust that Jacob.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00451_zpscosii6im.jpg

Sid says that as a Ramadan act of forgiveness the guards are planning to release all solitary confinement prisoners back into Gen Pop and Sid is scared cos ISIL and Abu Ramal don't look kindly on homosexuals such as himself.

Michael says that it was Sid's job to kill the lights and his Sheik of Light went missing at exactly the wrong time. Michael sounds quite harsh here, and we're obviously supposed to be thinking about what Jacob said about using people.

But there is something Sid can do...

 photo pb502-00467_zps4vzzopm4.jpg

Give Michael a piece of his gum.

Sid is confused about how a piece of gum is going to help and Michael says that like a butterfly's wings, the piece of gum is going to start a sequence of events that will finish on the other side of the world. Big words there, Michael.

 photo pb502-00480_zpsebqbakwo.jpg

Back in his cell, Michael uses the metal wrapping from the gum to short a battery and start a fire. He asks for a sock and a water can and I have no idea where he's going with this.

 photo pb502-00491_zpsqj53cxyb.jpg

Ah, he's heating up some cloth to wrap around his head. That looks like it hurts.

 photo pb502-00493_zpskqfsqmef.jpg

Whip calls the guards to say that Michael's burning up. He's sick and needs the infirmary.

Shame Dr Sara won't be there.


Location: The Streets of Yemen

 photo pb502-00500_zpswvoggbu6.jpg

Sheba, Linc, and C-Note are heading out of the safe government-controlled area of Sana'a and into the ISIL-controlled wilderness of the suburbs.

The soldier doesn't want to let them through cos they have about a 0% chance of survival out there.

 photo pb502-00514_zpsvx2fjyvb.jpg

But, once again, money talks. He says they have a death wish, but whatever.

 photo pb502-00523_zpsfxiprx85.jpg

A quick visual reminder of Abu Ramal, the Big Bad locked up in Ogygia.

 photo pb502-00524_zps2lijx1am.jpg

Just in case you forgot that this is a dangerous place and ISIL are Very Bad People.

 photo pb502-00527_zpsfptrmvb6.jpg

Look, we just want to make it as obvious as possible that ABU RAMAL IS A VERY BAD MAN, ok? Got that? And it would be absolutely terrible if he were to ever escape from Ogygia.

 photo pb502-00534_zpsf1wrfps1.jpg

The car is stopped by a rebel patrol.

 photo pb502-00538_zps8670e8jd.jpg

And this guy recognises Sheba.

 photo pb502-00540_zpsutdpypcq.jpg

I really don't think she likes him very much.

He tells her that if she's nice maybe he'll make a good woman of her. I hope she shoots him in the face.

 photo pb502-00552_zpsyvbosyyv.jpg

Icky boy is called away cos the gang have someone else to go harass. Sheba tells Linc and C-Note they're lucky he didn't kill her right then and maybe she'll explain her backstory to them later.


Location: Ogygia Prison Infirmary

 photo pb502-00562_zpsie0evkwz.jpg

The guard doesn't have much sympathy for Michael's plight, what with his city being destroyed by Michael/Kaniel's ISIL friends.

Michael says the charges were a misunderstanding, but the guard doesn't think that innocent people try to escape the moment they're sent to prison.

 photo pb502-00579_zpsfaxgjohr.jpg

The guard decides it's time for a little terrorist-beating, and the others watch on not at all bothered by the spectacle.

 photo pb502-00588_zpsoqaoyz0u.jpg

But they do end up giving him the pills he came in for, so it was all worth it I guess?


Location: The Suburbs of Sana'a

 photo pb502-00592_zpsc2qup8mk.jpg

The trio find the house they're looking for.

 photo pb502-00608_zpsxyc5d1o5.jpg

Unfortunately there's a band of rebels camped right outside. Cos nothing is ever easy in Prison Break world.

 photo pb502-00601_zpsnzngdyvp.jpg

They sneak up and over the rooftops.

 photo pb502-00606_zps02ralie4.jpg

And enter the house that way. I'm worried by how easy it apparently is to break into a house in this place.

 photo pb502-00611_zpsv2xt1hh9.jpg

There's a bit of a scuffle as Mohammed defends himself against the intruders and they have to explain that they're not ISIL.

 photo pb502-00612_zpsycuwqecb.jpg

Unfortunately the scuffle has alerted the rebels to the fact that there are still people in the area.

 photo pb502-00616_zpsir4wiwpp.jpg

The trio tell Mohammed that they're there to get him out, but he won't leave without his daughter, who is pinned in the basement of the school across the street.

He came out to rescue her and ended up pinned himself, and now the trio are all pinned with him.


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00626_zps9ve1hfn6.jpg

A freshly beaten Michael is returned to his cell.

 photo pb502-00632_zps50bh2ckl.jpg

Where he makes Ja an offer he can't refuse. Lovely little pills in exchange for access to his phone and a credit card number.

Ja wonders why. Michael says he wants to order a pizza.


Location: The Suburbs of Sana'a

 photo pb502-00643_zpszscihae7.jpg

Linc's coming up with a plan. He's going to get to a pick-up that the rebels have thoughtfully left right outside and cause enough of a distraction that the others will be able to make a run for their car.

 photo pb502-00652_zps5ijppakt.jpg

Mohammed insists that he won't leave without his daughter, cos if ISIL catch her they'll be very unhappy with her for educating girls.

Linc says he'll get her out, he promises.

 photo pb502-00657_zpsu6o6omfx.jpg

First things first, Lincoln sneaks up on the pick-up and knocks the driver out.

 photo pb502-00664_zps68cyatml.jpg

And, true to his word, he rescues Mohammed's daughter and the girls from the school basement.

 photo pb502-00670_zps2ailxhm0.jpg

The rebels give chase as our heroes drive as quickly as possible back to the safety of the city centre.

 photo pb502-00676_zpsjximhioz.jpg

But there's the small matter of the checkpoint to consider, and Sheba points out that if they come barrelling towards it at high speeds then the soldiers are going to think they're suicide bombers and shoot them.

 photo pb502-00683_zpspbr9pkts.jpg

She waves a white handkerchief out the window

 photo pb502-00682_zpszrnk4xrv.jpg

And the soldiers prove that they actually do have brains and realise that perhaps shooting the guy with the giant gun would be the best course of action.

 photo pb502-00691_zpsfj2l99mg.jpg

Everyone makes it back safely without any bullets in them.

 photo pb502-00695_zps18qcduva.jpg

And there's a happy reunion.

 photo pb502-00699_zpszo6pr8pq.jpg

Sheba even seems to be reconsidering her option of Lincoln.

 photo pb502-00700_zpszyqvf2jt.jpg

Oh yeah, they're going to get together. What happened to Sofia though? Did we ever find that out?


Location: Safe(ish) City Centre of Sana'a

 photo pb502-00712_zps1xtlycgw.jpg

Mohammed says that the parents of the schoolgirls have all been killed and he's trying to figure out how he can help them. Lincoln says they can stay there for now as long as Mohammed tells him who he knows in Ogygia and why they want him.

Mohammed explains that his children are too modern for this country. While his daughter is educating girls, his son fell in love with another man and was sentenced to twenty years in Ogygia Prison for his troubles.

 photo pb502-00718_zpsmids6vdt.jpg

Yes, Mohammed is Sid's dad! Prison Break really is a family affair.

Mohammed says that Sid recently told him there could be a way out and if Mohammed could arrange a blackout then Sid knew someone who could get him out.

Lincoln sees that this has Michael written all over it.

 photo pb502-00722_zps7wg2w5rc.jpg

Mohammed says this was supposed to happen a week ago, but he got distracted with all the daughter-saving and ISIL-evading and he hasn't been able to do it.

Lincoln says that there's still time and they're still waiting in there for him. Mohammed says it'll have to be quick cos he's supposed to give a signal exactly 24 hours before the blackout.

But does the city have 24 hours?


Location: Mike Jr's School, Ithaca, New York

 photo pb502-00734_zpsb2fzsivw.jpg

Dr Sara and this lady are chatting while they wait for their kids. Do we know this lady? Dr Sara is talking to her about Michael and the implication is that they're close friends. She doesn't look like Mrs C-Note, but I'm not sure how I feel about Sara being so open about all this with someone who's not part of the group.

 photo pb502-00740_zpsrdnkqspf.jpg

Dr Sara asks the teacher if she can get Mike, but the teacher says all the kids have been released. I'm surprised it's taken Sara this long to pick up on that. Why isn't she more concerned about the whereabouts of her child, considering they were both almost shot by an assassin a couple of days ago?

 photo pb502-00745_zpso1yq3zk5.jpg

She runs around screaming Mike's name...

 photo pb502-00748_zpsx5jbcry2.jpg

But he's ok!

 photo pb502-00753_zps8przcxbt.jpg

He was looking for where the man who gave him this origami flower went. What man? The pizza man.

 photo pb502-00757_zpsijjhxxyc.jpg

Dr Sara opens up the flower to find this not at all unsettling warning.

That's Michael's handwriting, so did he write and fold a load of origami messages and leave them with his pizza man contact to deliver as needed? Or just this one, which I suppose is a pretty good all purpose warning?


Location: Ogygia Prison

 photo pb502-00762_zpstgawtypv.jpg

Sid's getting antsy about ISIL getting closer and the rebels taking over, which would result in a whole lotta death for him and his friends.

 photo pb502-00765_zpsnydmkajd.jpg

But the lights dim a couple of times, indicating that someone has found The Sheik of Light and the escape is on 24 hours from now.

 photo pb502-00770_zpsxlc2jen2.jpg

Although that may be too late, cos Ramadan has begun and all the Really Bad Guys are about to be let out of solitary and into Gen Pop.

 photo pb502-00777_zpspkl8oykg.jpg

Including Abu Ramal, who, in case you've forgotten, is a VERY BAD MAN.

 photo pb502-00785_zpskukjw8j2.jpg

Ramal notices Michael and it's all very tense. Surely there's some rule about not committing murder during Ramadan?

 photo pb502-00786_zpszks8000h.jpg

Ramal approaches...

 photo pb502-00791_zpsgbmffjug.jpg

And he and Michael hug like long lost brothers, much to the shock and horror of Whip and Sid. Ramal asks if he's found a way out for them and Michael says...

 photo pb502-00796_zpsruv5i8t0.jpg

Dun dun dun!


My thoughts:

Ok, I wasn't sure about Jacob's game theory chat cos it seemed to be trying to make us believe that Michael uses his friends and family for his own gain when it's been well established that Michael's family are the most important thing to him. But then when he hugged Ramal at the end it all made sense. I'm not sure how exactly Michael is using Ramal in his plan, but that's the only explanation that makes sense cos no way in hell is he actually friends with a terrorist.

Which leads me to another point that's bothering me about this series – the way it keeps casting aspersions on Michael's character. When they said that Prison Break was coming back and Michael was alive, I thought the focus would be on getting him out and finding out what happened to him, not on questioning whether or not he's actually a bad guy after all.

I'm especially annoyed at how much Sara seems to be focusing on this issue and not on rescuing her husband. I know she can't just up and leave, but I don't understand why she's talking to Jacob and random lady about why Michael would lie about things rather than calling Lincoln and asking what he's doing to save him.

They seem to be downplaying the fact that she thought he was dead and instead are acting like he just left her all those years ago. And I get that a supposedly dead man reappearing might give you some doubts as to how well you knew them under normal circumstances, but these are not normal circumstances. Sara and Lincoln were both almost killed recently, which proves that there's something deeper going on, but Sara seems to have completely forgotten about that.

Just like she's apparently forgotten about the Evil Conspiracy, because why on earth would she go to the State Department? Why is she so quick to trust everyone? Does she not remember season two?

Maybe this is why we haven't seen much of Sucre. Sucre would never allow anyone to say anything against his boy Michael.

And, onto the big question that we're supposed to be wondering about..

Who is Poseidon? Is he the guy who sends Michael in to break people out of prison?

Who is Whip? They made a point of telling us that Whip is just a nickname, which makes me wonder if his actual identity is going to be important. Otherwise why not just give him a name?

Tags: prison break

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