Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Some More Things

Over two months since my last entry. So much to catch up with. (Not really, mostly just continuing to sort out Dad's estate but also a holiday and a haircut...)

You'd think that having two executors would make things easier, but apparently not. Instead of being able to halve the workload, pretty much everything requires all executors to sign so it just makes everything take longer. I can write letters and fill in forms, but then I have to wait until Rob comes to visit so I can throw a load of paperwork at him to scribble on.

And I'm still having issues with the company that caused me problems before. At this point it feels like they're deliberately trying to piss me off. (I've got a letter from them saying that they can't make a cheque out to Mum cos they can't make payments to beneficiaries, only to "solicitors registered on the probate or solicitors." I'm hoping that's a misprint and they meant 'executors registered on the probate' cos I'm not using a solicitor so I have no idea how the fuck they expect me to be able to get the money if that's the case. But my main issue is that their previous letter explicitly said I'd be able to withdraw the cash in Executor/Solicitor/Beneficiary name so I have no idea why they're now saying I can't.)

Paul and I went on holiday at the end of June. I didn't want to leave the country cos I didn't want to go too far from Mum, but we'd been planning a north of England tour for this year anyway so it actually worked out quite well. We went to Yorkshire and I finally got to visit the Bronte Parsonage. We travelled along parts of Hadrian's Wall and explored loads of Roman sites. We stayed in a B&B that's also home to a load of cats. We went up Blackpool Tower in the pouring rain. And various other things. It was a good trip and I might make a separate post about it if I remember.

I've had my hair cut:

It's not exactly short, but it is shorter than I've had it in years. I felt like a change and I think I like it so far. I doubt I'll go any shorter than this though.
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