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Right, well, thoughts on that finale...

I loved it.

Ok, first of all I'm feeling quite smug because I said that there was more to Clara's story and she wouldn't be just dead. All these people were making 'goodbye Clara' posts on Tumblr and talking about how sad it was that she's dead at 28 and I was just like... why are you all giving up so soon? You can't actually believe that's it for her?

I also feel that I got fairly close with my theorising. Obviously I didn't predict exactly what happened, but I did think that she would go off in the universe somehow. And she did. With Ashildr. I'm loving the fact that they're now travelling all of space and time together!

Another thing I absolutely loved about the episode was the twist with the diner. At first we all assume that the Doctor is the one in the know and he's telling this story to a Clara who knows nothing about it (possibly an echo, possibly actual Clara with her memory wiped) and then it all turns on its head and it turns out that Clara's the one in control, the one with the knowledge here. I just thought that was brilliant.

I like that they brought up the idea of the Doctor being half-human and then dismissed it. It's good to acknowledge that this has been mentioned before, but without giving it credence because it is a stupid idea and it's best if we all assume he was lying when he said it.

I like that they brought up the possibility of memory-wiping Clara and then it didn't happen, because I still think that Donna's ending was the worst of any of the New!Who companions. And by 'worst' I mean most horrible for them.

I was completely wrong about the significance of her facing the raven but I don't even care because this really was the most perfect ending Clara could have had. She spent this whole season becoming more and more Doctor-like and instead of punishing her for it or bringing her back down to earth, she ends up becoming the Doctor in her own right. She stole a Tardis and ran away. Exploring all of space and time with her companion girlfriend.


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