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Clara's Fate

Face the Raven is on tonight and I'm not sure I'm ready for what's going to happen to Clara. Not that I have any idea what it is, mind. My current theory is that she'll be turned into a sort of non-evil bad guy (I wish I had a better way of explaining that) and the finale will be about the Doctor having to defeat/save her. But who knows. I haven't read any spoilers so this is a complete guess that may be way off the mark. (I did, however, have a dream that Matt Smith returned and Eleven and Twelve teamed up to save Clara together. So, you know, that would be cool.)

And I still don't have an idea for what will happen to her in the end, other than becoming Missy's companion which I really don't believe is actually going to happen, because I highly doubt they'll go ahead and kill her. And we know there's no way she'd be content with leaving the Doctor to settle down into a normal life. Maybe whatever happens to her changes her so much she can't go back to being human and so she has to go off and fulfil her destiny as Queen of the Universe or something. Or Queen of the Underworld. Maybe the Nethersphere wasn't as destroyed as we thought...?

Anyway, moving on to other TV shows, I decided to have a go at my favourite BSG episodes after all. It's so difficult though cos it's a show where the main storylines run over multiple episodes rather than each one being a distinct and discrete entity. And I binge-watched almost all of it so it all runs together in my mind. But here we go...

Battlestar Galactica:

1. The Oath
2. Blood on the Scales
3. Unfinished Business
4. Sine Qua Non
5. The Hub
6. Home parts 1 & 2
7. 33
8. Resurrection Ship parts 1 & 2

Perhaps you're right, rachg82, and this means it's time for me to do a rewatch. I think it's been long enough now that my heart can take being broken all over again! And with shows like this it is always interesting to go back to the beginning, seeing things from a new perspective with the knowledge of what's to come and who people really are. (Despite starting the show late, I did a very good job not being spoiled. I had no idea who the final five Cylons were, for example, or any of the relationships that were going to happen other than Roslin/Adama.)
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