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Meal Report

I'm back from the annual meal. There were 22 of us this time and even Paul didn't know some of the people there! I sat with him, Sarah and Emma and had a great time. I talked and was sociable and it felt really good!

Near the end Paul made a speech about how much he enjoyed doing these meals and how this was also a celebration of birthdays, namely Ryan's (on Saturday), mine (tomorrow) and Sarah's (last Tuesday) but no one could really hear him all the way down the table. Still, I thought it was really sweet! And we got cake! =D

Oh, and a Scarlett O'Hara is a weird drink. Although not as weird as a shot that has Tabasco in it. However I was not brave enough to try one of those. I had chili in my main meal and that was bad enough. Note to self: Do NOT finish your drink before eating.

So, yay. Good evening. :)
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