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Weekend Fun

This has been a good weekend. I downloaded a Bluetooth tracker app and used it to find my FitBit yesterday and felt very accomplished for doing so!

Also yesterday I went up to Surbiton to watch fireworks with Paul. It was a small local display, rather than the fancy ones at Battersea we went to before, but it had the advantage of being within walking distance of his flat and that's a definite plus! And it was still very pretty. We were also able to see quite a few other displays around the area, which was fun.

Today we got our first Starbucks red cup drinks of the year and walked by the river to Kingston. We had a look at the Christmassy stuff in John Lewis and I resisted the temptation to spend lots of money. A drink in the Surbiton Flyer topped off our time together before I got the train home.

I'm going to leave Topic 5 of the November meme till tomorrow when I have more time to write a proper entry cos this is really just a flying visit so I can post something today.

I also may be talking about Downton Abbey tomorrow cos tonight is the LAST EPISODE EVER. Except for the Christmas special, but whatever. Apparently things are going down and getting wrapped up tonight. Maybe Mary will marry one of her cardboard suitors who are all so boring I still can't tell them apart or remember their names. Maybe Mrs Hughes will stab Mr Carson (and no one would blame her if she did.) Maybe Thomas will get his happy ending (which is something I never thought I'd be hoping for, back when this show started, but now I really want.) And maybe Edith will also marry her suitor who is also so boring I can't even remember where he came from (I know he helped her get the magazine out that one time but how did they meet before that? Who is he?) So many questions. So many possibilities. They just better not kill off Violet cos she's too awesome to die. And, actually, if death tried to take her she'd probably just send him packing with a withering put-down and a baleful look. Violet Crawley is most likely immortal.
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