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Hello, November

It's November and that means I get to decide if I want to attempt NaNo again this year. I'm thinking probably not since I have enough trouble writing journal entries, let alone an entire 50,000 word story. But maybe I should have a go at writing something. Maybe my difficulty writing is because I'm out of practice and I should force myself to do it more. But I don't like the idea of writing something bad, even though I know I'm the only one who'll ever read it.

I could also attempt NaBloPoMo again. That's a bit easier since I don't have to write that much, just something every day. Of course in that case I'd have to remember to visit LJ on a regular basis, which could be an issue.

Hmm, I'll see how I feel. But for now, have some rambling about TV shows:


I think it says a lot about how crazy this show is that it can do a crossover episode with a show that has literal time travel and the whole thing still works. In fact in the whole episode the thing that bothered me most was when Brennan, Booth, Abbie, and Ichabod gather for a drink in the Founding Fathers at the end. They make their toast, take a sip, and then Brennan and Booth both declare that they have things to do and just leave! Stop wasting booze, people!

I haven't seen the Sleepy Hollow part of the crossover, but I might seek it out and have a look. I tried to watch Sleepy Hollow when it first started but couldn't get into it. A bit too much horror for my taste.


I am so ready for this stupid separation storyline to be over. It makes no sense and it does the characters no favours. And the really annoying thing is that it could have been done well; they could have come up with a storyline where outside forces get involved and force them apart when they still want to be together. But that's not what this is. This is Beckett choosing to follow a new obsession and put it above her marriage. It was made very clear that if she left it alone, they wouldn't go after her. That she could go back to her life and be happy, but she chose not to do that. And she chose to do it alone without telling her husband, who'd been vital in helping her solve her previous obsession. It makes her seem rather selfish. And it makes Castle seem incredibly stupid. In XY he said that he recognised the signs of her getting pulled into a new obsession, and yet when she leaves him, explicitly saying that she has things to sort out and she still loves him, he immediately decides that the best way to get her back is to act like a goofball and solve crimes and make her fall in love with him again. He doesn't seem to have even considered that there might be something deeper going on and it makes him look frustratingly dense.

And that's not even touching on the fact that Beckett's entire reasoning for leaving him is stupid in the first place. If the people she's going after want to get to her, they're still going to go after him. They're not going to say "Oh, well, they're separated now so he obviously means nothing to her. Let's leave him alone." And this was perfectly demonstrated in the latest episode, when the guy with the gun went to the loft and threatened Castle because, and I quote, "[He's] married to the captain of the 12th precinct." In fact it was so perfect that I thought it had to be deliberate, leading to Beckett realising that her leaving won't do anything to protect Castle and, actually, is more likely to put him in danger cos she's not there to protect him and he has no idea what's going on so won't be prepared for it. But I was disappointed. Again.

Doctor Who:

God, the Doctor is such a dick. Turning a girl immortal and then not even sticking around to explain anything to her? Way to go, dickbag.

The latest episode was pretty good though. Nice to see the return of Kate, Jac, and Osgood. And I rather like Bonnie. Jenna Coleman does evil very well!

And I must say how amused I am that the 'Clara with a rocket launcher' scene from the series trailer, that had so many people going crazy when we first saw it all those months ago, has turned out not to even be Clara after all!

Prison Break:

How did I not know about this show coming back next year? I loved Prison Break so much! I always said that Michael wasn't really dead (we never saw a body and this show was full of supposedly dead people turning up again) but the only way I'll be happy is if Sarah Wayne Callies comes back too. Michael and Sara have to have their happy ending. That's all that matters to me! Oh, and Sucre. Sucre is my baby and if anything happens to upset him I'll be right down there to fuck shit up.
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