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More TV to Talk About

Things that make me realise it's definitely autumn: The Halloween blog I follow on Tumblr has woken up and my dash is now full of pumpkins and falling leaves, Christmas stuff is slowly making its way into the stockroom at work, and I find myself constantly talking about new episodes of my favourite TV shows.

I haven't watched CSI in a long time but I was interested to see what the very final episode would hold. I was a bit worried that they'd use the opportunity of the show ending to screw over all the characters, but I was pleasantly surprised. Especially at the fact that all the main characters made it out alive (I was a bit worried about Brass, seeing him in that casino at the beginning, that maybe his death would be what would bring everyone back together. But fortunately it takes more than a little explosion to take him out. Not even a second explosion and being set on fire later did him in!)

The actual plot was pretty good too. Ridiculous in a few places but, let's be honest, no one watches CSI for realism.

And what I am most happy about, of course, is the fact that the episode ended with my OTP literally sailing off into the sunset together. I could have done with a bit more communication and a kiss, but at least they're with each other, which is more than I feared we might be left with. Fanfiction and imagination can fill in the rest!

I don't know if the Bones writers are getting more predictable or if I've just been watching this show too long, but as soon as Booth gave his family that lingering look as he went to work I knew that he was up to something. As soon as they found that body I was like "It's Booth isn't it? Or they're going to think it's Booth but it can't be cos the show wouldn't go that far." And when all the signs pointed to it being Booth I knew that meant it had to be Jared.

That's where my powers of prediction end though, cos I have no idea what's going on with the safe-robbing drug-lord-murdering secret gang that Booth's apparently joined up with. Did Jared get caught up with the wrong people and Booth just joined up to help him out? Or is there something deeper at play here?

Overall I liked it. Even, or perhaps especially, the first quarter of an hour or so when they tried to convince us that they'd really gone and killed off Booth. Brennan handling the bones that she believed could be her husband was a very powerful moment.
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