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Why, Castle?

So apparently I was premature with my Castle love yesterday.

Me during the summer: Castle is one of the shows I'm most looking forward to coming back. I love that Rick and Kate are a married couple now and I can't wait to see more of them together, dealing with whatever comes their way. Together. :)
Me last week: I'm so happy Castle's back! That episode was great and I'm so excited for next week! :) :) :)
Me now: What the fuck.

Seriously, it's like the writers looked into my brain, worked out what I love most about their show, and decided to completely destroy it. I do not want a repeat of the past. I have no interest in another Beckett obsession. I want Castle and Beckett together. I want the whole Castle family together. When Alexis said that Beckett was family I was so happy because, as well as the romantic relationship between Rick and Kate, I absolutely adore the whole family dynamic. I love Beckett and Martha. I love Beckett and Alexis. I love the four of them all together. And I can't see how this new storyline is going to do anything but irrevocably damage that.

And, you know, if they'd come up with a new and interesting plotline to force Castle and Beckett apart then I still wouldn't be happy about it (because I am a shipper at heart) but I would at least be interested. This is just... boring. They're simply rehashing an old storyline that's not only been done, it's been done to death. It was such a huge part of the earlier seasons and we've seen it all before.

I was hopeful that this would all be resolved soon, but I've just gone and read this interview and it's just confirmed all my fears. Clearly the writers aren't doing this because they think they have a good story. They're only doing it because they can't conceive of the idea of a happily married couple being interesting and think the only way to keep a show watchable is to split the characters up. And it's so stupid. Yes, the early seasons were great, but you can't just decide to recreate them and assume it'll work the same. Seeing Beckett and Castle's relationship grow and evolve was a wonderful thing, but the characters are in a completely different place now and all you're doing is destroying years of character development because you're too stupid to work out how to write an interesting relationship without a 'will they/won't they' element.

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