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Bloody Moon

I woke up during the night right around the time of the super blood moon so I tried to have a look at it. I had to awkwardly twist out my window and still all I could see was the moon looking a bit duller than usual and, if anything, smaller than it normally is. I didn't bother to try and get a photo of it but I am glad I saw it for myself.

I didn't do a very good job of falling back asleep afterwards so I'm feeling rather tired now. So I shall take this opportunity to ramble aimlessly about TV:

The Witch's Apprentice was so good! Once again I love Missy. Her scenes with Clara were the highlight of the episode for me. I know a lot of people are raving about the Doctor/Davros scenes and how good they were, but I just found myself wishing we'd get back to Missy and Clara the whole time. Twelve rolling up in Davros's chair was amusing though and I might be starting to warm up to him a little.

Obviously I knew that Missy wasn't staying so I can't say I was surprised when she pulled the trick of trying to get the Doctor to kill Clara, but I couldn't help being disappointed. I'd kinda hoped they'd stay on the same side up until the end and then get back to trying to kill each other.

Someone on Tumblr suggested that Clara could exit the show by becoming Missy's full time companion and it's ridiculous how much I love that idea! Obviously there would be a few issues, Missy being evil and all that, but Clara has been shown to be pretty ruthless herself and I don't think it would be too big a leap for her to join up with her old enemy. (I know I shouldn't get too attached to this theory cos it's never going to happen, but god I want it to!)

The next time trailer didn't excite me that much. I just can't seem to find enthusiasm for Twelve himself.

I watched the latest episode of Once Upon a Time earlier, and I quite liked it. I think I appreciate that they've stopped pretending this show makes any sense whatsoever and are just rolling with whatever crazy ideas they can come up with. It's fun. I'm even willing to forgive yet another time jump/memory wipe just for the sight of the characters in medieval dress.

I'm not quite sure why Blue insisted that Belle had to go help the others when she didn't actually seem to have anything useful to do, but I'm always pleased to see her on my screen. Can't say the same for Hook though. I definitely wouldn't object if he managed to get himself killed, which seems highly likely considering how stupid he is. Except he's apparently Emma's ~true love~, even though they have about as much chemistry as a wet blanket. And, seriously, if the writers aren't planning to make Swan Queen canon they're just deliberately toying with us now. "Hmm, who should I trust with complete and total power over my life and free-will? Should it be my mother? My father? My boyfriend who is supposed to be my true love? Nah, I'm gonna give it to Regina." Yeah, you can say that Regina is probably the only one capable of doing what would need to be done to stop Emma if it came down to it, but that is still a hell of a lot of power to give a person. And you can be sure that if one of them were a man then their relationship would be the central love story of the whole show.

I'm about a week late with this one, but I also really liked the Castle season opener. As soon as Castle gave Kate the bracelet and she said she would cherish it I knew it was going to turn up at a crime scene later in the episode, but I was surprised at how early it was and the episode did a good job of keeping me off balance by providing enough information to hold my interest but not enough to really understand what was going on. Since tonight's episode is called XX I'm assuming it's going to be the same story from Kate's point of view and I'm really interested to see how things play out from her perspective.

I do think that Castle was a bit of an idiot though. I get that he's worried about his wife, but Alexis was offering a clear lead that could help find her and he just brushed her off. And speaking of Alexis, I'm liking her new look and the idea that she's going to be more involved in investigating cases this year. That should be good.

I'm also slowly catching up with The Walking Dead after a few weeks away from it. I might need to pick up the pace a little but I'm hoping to be all caught up when the new series begins next month.
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