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All the Time in the World

On the 22nd May 2006 the very last episode of Alias aired for the first time.

Now, over nine years later, I have finally seen that episode.

(It's weird cos I was so obsessed with Alias when it first came out. I mean, you know how you have shows you kinda like? And then shows you love? And then shows you really love? And then shows you absolutely adore so much that waiting a week for the next episode seems unbearable and you spend hours and hours on the message boards talking about it and making loads of friends and you all go crazy during each hiatus wondering how the cliffhanger is going to be resolved and your pour your heart and soul into your OTP reading every scrap of fanfiction you can find and just thinking about the characters and their relationships makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside? Yeah, Alias was the latter for me.

When I say I was obsessed, I mean I was obsessed. At least at the beginning.

It was a combination of going to uni and the rather disappointing season 3 that meant I fell out of touch with it. But going back and rewatching early episodes/watching later ones for the first time, so many of those old feelings have come flooding back. I may have to make a proper entry about my thoughts on the finale. And I am seriously tempted to do a screencap recap of the whole series. I'm a bit unsure cos it's a lot of time and effort for something that no one else will read, but I do enjoy re-reading my old Prison Break recaps sometimes so maybe I should just do it for myself anyway.)
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