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I Can Breathe Again!

The heatwave is over and I have not melted into the ground! Work still makes me hot and sweaty, especially in the abominable furnace that is the upper stock room, but at least I can feel comfortable when I get home now. As opposed to a couple of days ago when there was no escape from the relentless heat anywhere I went.

Also, I'm getting pretty pissed off with people online making fun of us and calling us wimps for saying that that was a heatwave. Yeah, fine, you live in a place where it regularly gets hotter than this and you have these kinds of temperatures all summer, but that's the point, we don't. We're not prepared for this, our bodies aren't used to it, our homes don't have air conditioning. (And why do people seem to feel the need to exaggerate in order to mock us? I saw a derisive comment laughing that "England is complaining about temperatures in the 70s to mid 80s" and I'm just like uh, no, it was 36 Celsius here you fucknut. That's 97 to you, so shut your fucking cake hole.)

Sorry, I think the heat is making me ratty. Although since it's cooled down now I can't really use that as an excuse any more.

But at least now that the heatwave is over, maybe now I can write about things other than the weather. Like Alias and its complete character derailment of Irina Derevko. I'm hoping that she's been cloned and replaced with a double (again), because that woman from the past couple of episodes is so not the same woman from the rest of the series.


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Jul. 3rd, 2015 10:43 pm (UTC)
Dude, 97 degrees is miserable -- I don't care what anybody says. That's what it's been like here for the past two weeks, and it's gonna be seven more days apparently before we even see anything below 95. Like you guys, we're not used to such high temperatures for such an extended period of time (especially this early in the season), and I feel really bad for all the people who don't have AC. I'd be losing my shit by now if my stepdad hadn't given me one.
Jul. 7th, 2015 05:03 pm (UTC)
It's the AC thing that really gets to me. I'm willing to bet an awful lot of the people making fun of us have air conditioned homes/workplaces and get to have a break from the heat when they're inside, which we didn't.
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