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It's Wednesday, which means I have made it over halfway through the week and haven't died! Yay me!

Work has been about as fun as anticipated, although I did manage to dig out an old fan and we've got that set up now. Not that it does much but it's better than nothing! And it seems my employers are actually considerate and don't want their employees to keel over from heat exhaustion and we got some money to buy drinks, which is nice. Also the Costa people came round with free samples of their caramel latte cooler, which was very much appreciated.

I've also closed my curtains so hopefully my room should be a bit more bearable to sleep in tonight. I can't believe it's taken me this long to work out that doing that might be a good idea! (The sun sets right opposite my window, which can make for lovely evenings, but also means that my room is basically cooking for hours and feels like an oven by the time I go to bed.)

I blame the heat for addling my brain. That and the fact that we're not really used to such high temperatures in this country. It almost makes me miss Vegas. The temperatures were higher there, but it was a dry heat and everywhere was air conditioned. What I wouldn't do for some air conditioning right about now!

The upside of all this is that I'm catching up on my TV shows. When I get in from work I'm too worn out and overheated to do much but flop onto the sofa and watch something. I've now finished Orphan Black season one and am making good progress with season five of Alias. I'm not too happy about certain developments though, which I will probably make a post about some time soon despite the fact that no one else is watching this ten year old show or would have any idea what I'm talking about.
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