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Well, he made it through the night and died this morning while I was at work. He was on the sofa when it happened, which is nice. It was another one of his favourite spots and there were people around so he wasn't alone.

It'll be strange without him though. I'll miss how he would jump on my lap and curl up there, making me stay for longer than I intended to cos I didn't have the heart to move him. And sometimes when he knew I was coming in he would sit by the sofa and look at me, waiting for me to sit down before he jumped up. I'll miss how affectionate he could be (when he wanted to, of course), a marked change from how he was when the neighbours first moved here and he would run at the very sight of us. I'll miss the way he would steal my chair after I got up for just a second. I'll even miss the way he would refuse to let me use my iPad or laptop sometimes, insisting that he should have all my attention and that pointless device was just in the way. I can't say I'll miss him meowing at 5am, but it will be strange not to hear it any more.

We buried him under the bush at the side of the garden, one with lovely purple flowers. Now I'll always think of it as the McGee bush.
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