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Isn't Politics Fun?

I have defeated Dark Sol! By which I mean I have completed Shining in the Darkness. Now what retro game am I going to spend my free time playing? There's always Sonic the Hedgehog, but that doesn't have the save feature that made Shining in the Darkness such a good game to play day after day.

Maybe I could use this time to work out who I'm going to vote for. The election is tomorrow and I'm still not certain. Not that it really matters, though, since I live in Jeremy Hunt's constituency and we're pretty much guaranteed to stay Tory.

Normally I'd vote Liberal Democrats, but our Lib Dem candidate has been kicked out of the party for falsifying documents so he's not an option. I'm really rather pissed off with him for it because the Lib Dems have always been the main opposition here. Historically they've come the closest to ousting the Conservatives (back in 2005 they came within 2% of winning) so by doing this he's pretty much ruined even the slight chance we had of not re-electing Hunt.

UKIP are trying to claim that they've got a chance of winning here, but there's no way in hell I'm voting for them. Labour know they've got no chance and don't even bother to campaign. The Greens don't seem to have much of a presence either. We also have a couple of little parties I've not really heard of before - National Health Action Party and Something New Party. I've been looking at their policies to see what they stand for to see if I want to vote for either of them but I'm still not sure.

Not that it really matters, as I said before, but I'm determined to use my right to vote and I don't want to vote for something I don't believe in even if they have no chance of actually getting in.

And all of this is just the general election. We have local elections too and I have even less of an idea about who I want to vote for there!
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