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TV Time

So, I have caught up with the latest episodes of Castle and Once Upon a Time and my main reaction to both is pretty much just WTF mate?

First up...


Is... is that really the explanation for his missing two months? Cos it was terrible. I'm hoping there's more to it and this is just a bluff but it felt pretty final at the end there.

I didn't hate the episode itself, there were a lot of good moments, but the actual explanation of the missing time was the epitome of 'tell don't show' with two guys just info-dumping everything in the last ten minutes or so.

Really, the entire episode felt like a last minute panic by the writers who knew they'd set up this big mystery for the season but hadn't done much with it and suddenly realised that they had no idea where they were going. So they quickly wrote a load of bollocks to wrap everything up and hoped we wouldn't notice. So much has been left unexplained (How did Castle get shot? Why was he missing for two whole months? Why was he living in a tent? What was so bad that he wanted to erase his memories? Why the fuck did they have to RUN HIM OFF THE ROAD to get him to help them?) and what was explained was done in such a rush it really feels like the show just wants to move past this and forget it ever happened. (A bit like Castle himself!)

And then...

Once Upon a Time

 photo s04e19_607_zpsmug3ndqq.jpg

Yeah, that's pretty much my reaction to this storyline as well.

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