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Gurli Throws and Smycka Flowers

Somehow I managed to make it through 31 years of life without ever going to a ginormous Swedish furniture shop. Yesterday I corrected this oversight as I experienced Ikea for the very first time.

I say 'experienced' because that really is the only way to describe it. It was like walking straight into the Buy menu on The Sims.

Fortunately I was not in the market for any large pieces of furniture, but I did end up buying a ridiculous amount of throws, some fake flowers, and an apple slicer that promises to make my apple slicing a much quicker and more efficient process than it currently is. Plus it was only £1 so if it's rubbish I can just throw it away. (I feel like this is some damming indictment on the wastefulness of modern life, but seriously, £1!)

According to my friends, one of the best things about going to Ikea is the Swedish meatballs. Unfortunately the vegan meatballs that they've just introduced in the US have not yet made it to UK stores so I was deprived of that particular aspect of the experience. I suppose this means I'll just have to go again at some point in the future.
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