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I resolved to make this journal happy and upbeat but before that I have to rant about Mr I'm Right About Everything Because I'm So Perfect And Everyone Else Is Just Stupid And Wrong Man also known as my father.

Now, you hear the alarm and wonder what's going on so you come downstairs and ask about it, the person downstairs says they didn't hear anything. What do you do? Do you think that maybe in that case the alarm wasn't going off downstairs? Well, if you're my father no. If you're my father you say "yes you did."

What. The. Fuck? I just told him I didn't hear it!

This pisses me off because it shows a complete lack of respect for me and my intelligence.

I am an adult. I am a (vaguely) intelligent person. If I say I didn't hear the alarm then I didn't hear it. Don't treat me like a child who did something wrong and is now lying about it to cover it up.

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