Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Wait... what's going on now? Is NPH naked?

Oh, he's wearing underwear. I'm not entirely sure what that bit was about, but ok.

Now we're talking about the technical awards that if we're really honest with ourselves nobody actually cares about. Moving on...

Sienna Miller and Chris Evans. I still half expect to see ginger Chris Evans whenever I hear his name.

Sound Mixing and Sound Editing now. Paul and I have the same predictions for these categories. And we got one Mixing right but Editing wrong.

NPH is punning now. Oh dear.

Jared Leto is so weird.

Best Supporting Actress is another category where Paul and I agree. My heart wanted to put Emma Stone, but my head said that would be a silly thing to do cos it has to be Patricia Arquette.

Emma is clutching a Lego Oscar and I love her more than words can say. I'm regretting not following my heart now!

But it was the right move, and Paul and I are both five points richer.


Peeta from the Hunger Games is here to introduce another song. Will this be better than the other two?

Yes... yes it is. Well done, Rita Ora.

Chloe Grace Moretz appears to have a dress with pockets. How did she manage this amazing feat? Although standing there with her hands stuck in them like that is a bit weird.

Interstellar wins Best Visual Effects and Paul and I win another point each.

Yay Anna Kendrick is back. She and the guy she's with just did a bit and she seems genuinely annoyed. Did something go wrong?

Feast just won Best Animated Short. I didn't predict it, but if I'd known it was about dogs I totally would have.

And from short to long as we move on to Best Animated Feature. This is a high scoring category where Paul and I differ, so this could be very interesting points-wise.

And the Oscar goes to Big Hero 6. Which means that Paul has pulled ahead. Dammit. I can feel my cocktail slipping away.


Oh, hey, it's Pi time! 3:14am!


Katie Brand thinks that NPH has lost confidence in himself and I have to agree. There's something a bit off about him, like he's not quite sure what he's doing, which is a shame.


Oh, hey, the doors at the back of the stage are back. They went away earlier. I'm not sure why.

Chris Pratt and Felicty Jones are here to present Production Design. The Grand Budapest Hotel wins, and Paul and I are both another point up.

Idris Elba is on my screen. This is always a good thing.

Cinematography is yet another area where Paul and I agree. And we both get points.


Meryl Streep is here to do the In Memoriam segment. And my laptop decides it wants to get in on the act by telling me that its battery is about to die. Thanks for waiting till I had 8% left before saying anything! So useful.

I don't know who's currently singing but I'm not a fan.
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