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Ceremony Time

And a quick channel change for the main event. We're still in the studio at the moment with Kate Muir and Katie Brand joining Boyd Hilton to talk about what they think is going to get Best Picture. They're going for Boyhood. I hope not, I've gone with Birdman.

And it's time

Yay Neil Patrick Harris! Everyone looks so happy to see him, that's nice.

Whoa, a race reference already. Is that to get the elephant out of the way early?

And yay singing. I was hoping it wouldn't be long before we got to this.

Wow, the special effects guys really went all out for this one! That was impressive. (Still doesn't top Hugh Jackman's number though.)

And here is Lupita Nyong'o to present Best Supporting Actor. Paul and I are in agreement for this one.

"And the actor goes to, the Oscar goes to, ... JK Simmons." This is a good start, we both have points.


I see NPH couldn't resist a bit of magic. Now I have to stay up till the end to see what happens with the briefcase.

Liam Neeson is here to... talk about the Best Picture nominees? Or just two of them, ok. They're not going to do the thing where they introduce the nominees throughout the show and then just announce the winner at the end with no build up, are they? Cos that didn't work last time.

JLo and Chris Pine here for Best Costume Design. Paul and I differ here, so this could give one of us the lead...

Except we're both wrong. So no points there.

This set with the doors at the back of the stage is quite a fun way to bring people out. More interesting than the usual walking on from the side.

Make Up and Hairstyling. We're going to remain tied after this award too cos we've both put The Grand Budapest Hotel. Which just won, so yay for us.

Why do so many people have a crush on Channing Tatum? I don't understand.


Best Foreign Language Film - Ida. Yes! I have pulled ahead by one whole point! That cocktail is going to be mine.

I love how this guy just kept talking through out the play off music and it finished before he did!

Here's Shirley MacLaine to talk about some more Best Picture nominees.

And now we have Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island (whoever they are) performing Everything is Awesome. This is a travesty. The Lego Oscars are the only redeeming feature. I just....

Everyone in the studio agrees with me.

Can we pretend that never happened?


Time now for Live Action Short. I want Boogaloo and Graham to win this purely because it's called Boogaloo and Graham. But it doesn't. Alas.

Documentary Short - Crisis Hotline. No points for either of us there.

Viola Davis is now on stage to show off her amazing dress. Also to talk about some awards thing, but I'm mostly focused on the dress.

Tim McGraw is now here to sing really dully. Put some emotion into it man!

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