Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Still on the Red Carpet

They're promising one of the favourite dresses of the night, this should be interesting...

It's Reese Witherspoon. Hmm, yeah I like it. I wouldn't list it as one of my favourites, but it's very nice. And a lot better than some of the dresses we've seen so far!

I'm kinda worried that Noel Clarke and the guy next to him are going to end up in a fist fight before this night is over. (I really should find out who the other guy is...)

Julianne Moore is back on my screen and I must admit the dress does look a lot better from this angle. Maybe it was bad lighting before. I'm still not a fan of the shape though.

All the guests keep making references to the rain. Is this because it rarely rains there and any precipitation is cause for concern, or is it actually tipping it down?

Marion Cotillard - I can't see the dress properly... and they've moved on dammit.

Benedict Cumberbatch - White jacket. Hmm. Not the best look. And he just gave a shout out to some people watching back home in Britain and didn't even mention me. How dare you, Benedict? How dare you.

Ah, the other guy in the studio is Boyd Hilton. Good to know.

Oh, Alexa thought Benedict's tuxedo was amazing. I diagree. But I do agree with her liking how the Brits have pulled it out the bag and been a bit different to the usual black this year (Benedict in white, Eddie in navy blue, David in red.)


Nicole Kidman - Very sparkly. Kinda looks like plastic.

Jennifer Lopez - I love the skirt, not too sure about the top.

Lupita is back and I still can't decide if I like her dress or not. It is kinda cool how it looks like she's just draped herself in pearls.

Bradley Cooper looks so creepy. What is he doing with his face? I don't like it. What has happened to Will Tippin?

Emma Stone - She's brought her mum as her date though and she's being adorable and lovely so I can forgive the fact that her dress looks like vomit.

Alexa Chung thinks Emma looks amazing. Of course.

Lady Gaga - What the hell? Not that I would expect anything less from her.

Alexa Chung's top three outfits of the night - 3: Rosamund Pike, 2: Julianne Moore, 1: Reese Witherspoon. Not what I would have gone for, but that doesn't surprise me.

Red Carpet coverage is coming to a close, and we're losing Alexa and Noel. So I guess Boyd's face is safe from being punched. Probably for the best!

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