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Dresses Time

Bring on the dresses, I'm here and ready to judge...

Patricia Arquette - No.

Naomi Watts - Also, no. Alexa Chung disagrees with me, but Noel Clarke doesn't like it either so at least I have Mickey on my side.

Rosamund Pike - Ummmmm... I'm not sure. It could be good but there's just something about it I don't like. But maybe that's cos I'm not a fan of tight dresses in general.

David Oyelowo is wearing a red suit and I love him for it. He's flown right to the top of my best dressed male list and considering how boringly most of the men dress I don't see him being displaced any time soon.

Ooh, Mickey has opinions. He doesn't think that Bradley Cooper or Steve Carrell should have been nominated for their awards. And he's seriously not happy with the other guy disagreeing with him!

God, it's over an hour until the ceremony even starts. I'm not sure I can make it through this!


Ok, back to the dresses. Sienna Miller looking pretty good there.

Lupita Nyong'o - Hmm. Not sure. I might have to see it again.

Dakota Johnson - Bit boring.

Julianne Moore - I... I kinda hate it. But everyone in the studio is raving about how perfect it is and how beautiful she looks and I just... I don't understand. What am I missing?

Rita Ora - Yeah, not too bad.

Neil Patrick Harris has arrived. He looks a bit nervous, which is understandable. Don't worry, Neil! I'm sure you'll be perfect!


They just showed a clip of Hugh Jackman's opening number from when he hosted the Oscars. I will never be over how much I loved that bit! It's still my favourite of anything I've ever seen in all my years of watching this ceremony.

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