Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Ceremony pt I

Aaaaand here we go. Seth MacFarlane seems an odd choice but we shall see. Is he going to do a musical number?

Ok, good joke about Argo there. Poor Ben Affleck.

Is that guy wearing a banana pin?

Hey, Captain Kirk. Of course. This makes perfect sense. And yes, Seth is going to do a musical number. About boobs. I'm not quite sure what I'm watching here.

Another musical number already? Neat. I do love how this has become a thing with the Oscars now.

And now I don't need to see Flight. The real thing couldn't possibly be as good as the sockpuppet version.

More singing and dancing. When Daniel Radcliffe said he would be performing later this is not what I expected.

I'm actually really liking this whole Captain Kirk skit.

And now they're all singing an Oscar version of Be Our Guest. I... I think I love it.

Ok, well done Seth MacFarlane. You have won me over.

And now we're on to the actual awards. Best Supporting Actor is first. And the winner is... Christoph Waltz. This is good for me since I am now one up on both Paul and the Random Number Generator. Hopefully I can continue this success!

Oh my god, Paul Rudd and Melissa McCarthy just get on with it. You're not funny and this is painful. It's Best Animated Short. Paperman won and I am continuing with my success.

And straight on to Best Animated Film. It went to Brave. I'm actually shocked even though I predicted it!

Can we stop the Oscars now? I like this 100% success rate I'm currently on!

They're now introducing some of the Best Picture nominees. Les Mis is first and oh I love it so much.

Back to the awards now:

Cinematography: Life of Pi. That's 4/4 for me. This is going to hurt so much more when I get one wrong!

Visual Effects: Life of Pi. Ah well, my winning streak couldn't last forever. Congratulations to both Paul and the Random Number Generator for their first points!

Are... are they being played off by the Jaws theme?
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