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Red Carpet part II

Yay, Hugh Jackman! You can't juggle Kristin, Hugh. Put her down.

Aw, DanRad you seem nervous. Poor baby.

Jennifer Aniston looking lovely in red. I spy Adele behind her.

I love the colour of your dress Jennifer Garner, but I do not love the style. It does not look good.

Halle Berry looks like she belongs in the 90s. That is a very stripy metallic dress there.

Adele is very sparkly. And I love how she's just loudly babbling away!

George Clooney is going to be drinking. I'm with you, George.

Speaking of which, this is the trouble with the Oscars. It's sponsored by Moet et Chandon so every time there's an advert break it makes me want champagne.

Finally a proper look at Amy Adams's dress. I really like it.

Anne Hathaway. Oh dear. I love you Anne and I want you to win but I hate that dress. It's terrible.

Jamie Foxx's daughter is gorgeous. And I love her dress. I want it.

Back in the studio they're talking about best dressed. Colin says Charlize Theron. I disagree. Antonia says Amanda Seyfried or Jennifer Garner. I vehemently disagree about Jennifer. Amanda looked pretty good though. And Boyd says Jennifer Lawrence or Adele. Hmm.
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