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Pre-Oscars and Red Carpet

So we have Alex Zane as the host of our bit again. And with him we have the reviews editor of Heat magazine Boyd Hilton, fashionista Antonia O'Brien, and actor Colin Salmon. And Lucy Cotter on the red carpet as usual. I wonder if she'll actually talk to anyone this year.

The men do not like Les Miserables. What.

Oh hey, Kristin Chenoweth. Does this mean that once again Lucy Cotter isn't actually talking to anyone on the red carpet? Yes, I think that's exactly what it means.

Jessica Chastain is looking rather pretty.

Amanda Seyfried is also looking very pretty, although she's apparently on the verge of losing her internal organs. Good to know.

Jennifer Lawrence is a giant. A gorgeous giant. Although I'm not a huge fan of that style of dress.

Zoe Saldana is looking lovely. I'm not sure about her dress either though.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is very shiny.

Hey, Daniel Radcliffe.

That's a very metallic dress Naomi Watts.

Nicole Kidman is a stick. I think I want to hate that dress but it actually works on her. Weird.

That is not a dress, Charlize Theron, and I do not approve of it.
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