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Hmm. Again.

And so we have another episode of Evil Brainwashed Gwen. Yay(!) I mean Angel Coulby is an amazing actress and I really do think I would like this storyline if it had been handled slightly differently, but as it is I'm still not happy.

I'm so pissed off with Merlin himself. He knows that something's wrong with Gwen but all he's worried about is what she might to do Arthur. He has shown absolutely no concern for Gwen herself. They've been friends for years, he knows she wouldn't do this, that something must be wrong, but he doesn't seem to care about her at all. It's all about Arthur.

I'm really hoping this is rectified in the next episode. I do have some hope from the teaser, since it seems to indicate that Merlin and Arthur are going to try and save Gwen rather than write her off as a traitor, but I'm still annoyed that Merlin hasn't done anything before now. He's suspected her these last couple of episodes and all he's done is glare at her.

I'm also worried about what's going to happen when Gwen comes back to herself (As she must. Her staying evil or dying are not options.) She murdered an innocent man and tried to kill her husband. How is she going to be able to cope with that knowledge? It's going to seriously affect her. And I'm worried about how the writers are going to handle it. Or not handle it as the case may be.

And I'm annoyed that it's only now that Gwen is evil that we get lots of Arthur/Gwen shippiness. Playful and loving scenes of them together that would be wonderful if only it wasn't all a lie on her part. Why couldn't we have happy and in love Arthur and Guinevere when they really were happy and in love Arthur and Guinevere?

Still, next episode looks like it's going to be the payoff for all this. I hope it's worth it, Merlin. Wow me with something brilliant.
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