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Even More Pointless Than Usual Rambling

It's 11:10 and I have 50 minutes to write an entry or I lose at NaBloPoMo. I suppose technically I could just post this and it would count, but I feel like I should make more of an effort.

Not that my previous entries have been pinnacles of blogging brilliance, but whatever.

See, this is why I wanted a prompt yesterday. A jumping off point for something to write about.

I don't know why I'm having trouble. It's nearly midnight and I've had wine. I should be a fountain of pointless rambling and ridiculous ideas. Maybe I'm just too old for this shit. I am nearly 30 after all.

Speaking of being old, I should go to bed soon. I feel so tired all the time lately. I wonder if I should be worried about that.
Tags: nablopomo, tired

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