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Another Merlin Entry


Am I going to have to give up on you, Merlin?

I mean I know that having a baddie on the inside opens up lots of potential storylines, but I can't help but feel that it's coming at the expense of Gwen's character. I know she's brainwashed/enchanted, but it doesn't really feel like that at the moment. I think my main problem is that there was so little Gwen in the previous episodes of series 5 that there's nothing to compare her with. We hardly saw anything of Queen Guinevere, strong and capable leader, or Gwen, Arthur's loving wife. So now that we have a whole episode devoted to Gwen, brainwashed traitor and murderer, it makes it seem like she's just bad.

I wish we saw something to indicate that she was having trouble with this, some part of Gwen fighting against the control. But instead we have have totally evil Gwen.

Plus we've seen this storyline before. Gwen has just replaced Morgana as the smirking villain that Arthur trusts implicitly while Merlin stares at her distrustfully. In fact I think there's a gifset on Tumblr showing how the ending of this episode and the ending of a previous one are pretty much exactly the same.

Well, we've still got a few episodes to go. Hopefully the writers will fix this and give Arthur and Guinevere the happy ending they deserve. Well, as happy as can be possible considering where the series is heading.

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