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That could either apply to the internet in general as it was earlier or SD-1 right now and most of today, er, yesterday.

Speaking of SD-1, yesterday was my two year anniversary there! Woo! Such a great board. When it works. Which, at the moment, it's not. At all. Stupid boards.

I'm eating popcorn and sludge again. This time though the sludge is made with lemon coke so it's now orange and lemon coke. I want to find lemon Pepsi, I know I've had it before, cos the lemon coke is diet and I don't like drinking diet.

Hee, look at me talking about silly things! Hey, a solid lump of sugar in my popcorn!

Right now I'm currently printing out housing information. I'm also resigning myself to living in the small room but every time I think I could cope with it I find myself remembering all the things wrong with it. Maybe the Herne Bay house will be the one, after all it would fit with my pattern of gradually moving further and further away from the university!

Hey, SD-1 is working again! Anyone want to take bets on how long for?

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