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I finally caught up with last Saturday's Merlin and I'm not sure how I feel:

First of all, Guinevere better be playing Morgana, otherwise I will have lost all faith in this show. Because the only other options are that Guinevere has genuinely turned evil (which completely goes against her character and makes no sense at all) or that she is enchanted/under Morgana's control somehow (which is an old storyline that has been done to death and I'm not interested in seeing it again.)

Maybe there's a bit of leeway in that the control appears to be psychological rather than purely magical this time, but considering the time period and attitudes seen so far, I'm not sure that will be seen as anything but betrayal on her part. I suppose they may conclude that she'd been driven mad by her time in the Tower, but is that any better? I don't want to see a Guinevere driven mad by psychological torture and grief. I want the strong, capable Guinevere I know and love, who may need the support of her friends and husband after this tragedy.

But maybe I'm being overly pessimistic. Maybe it is going to turn out that she's tricking Morgana all along. But if that is the case, I don't see why she wouldn't tell Arthur what she was doing.

Also, that episode was the perfect opportunity for Arthur/Guinevere goodness and I feel robbed that we didn't get it. Yes, we had Arthur worrying about Gwen's safety, but I'd have liked to see more. More fear for what she could be going through, especially after he realised where she was. And Elyan's death meant we didn't get the happy rescue/reunion scene I was hoping for. Stupid Elyan.

Ok, so not stupid Elyan. I did tear up when he died. And poor Gwen. Arthur is now the only family she has left.

Which sort of brings me back to my original point. I get the feeling the show is trying to say that Gwen has lost all her family, and is ignoring the fact that Arthur is her family too. But again, maybe I'm wrong. Who knows. I just worry that because they wrapped up the Guinevere/Lancelot storyline they're going to have her betray Arthur in another way.

And this is why I don't write TV reviews.
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