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Board Games Night

The evening went well, with only a little panic and anxiety on my part. Yayness!

Games Report:

Game of Life - Winner: Jess
Dance Mat - Winner: Me
Friends - Winner: Girls team (twice)
Trivial Pursuit - Abandoned cos the questions were so hard on account of the game being about twenty years old!

After everyone else had left or gone to bed Paul and I stayed up talking. It was great, we chatted about so many things from writing to Harry Potter to uni to what we think about when we can't sleep at night! And then we did what any self respecting twenty year olds would do in the middle of the night. We watched Gone With the Wind.

Of course that four hour epic took us till morning, 9am to be precise, and we watched some more of the Olympics. You know what's weird? Synchronised Cycling. Or as they call it, Pursuit. It's pointless! I know all sport is, really, but this just seems even more so. And when you think how much they must have to practice to be that good you realise that they spend their lives cycling round and around in a circle!

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