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One Day...

You know what would be nice? To, you know, NOT be filled with fear at the thought of spending an evening with your friends.

I got a text from Jess about board games night tomorrow, it'll be at Paul's house and she says that Paul says I can stay there. Now, the premise of the evening sounds great to me. I love board games and I know that I'll have to stay if I want to go cos I can't exactly expect Mum or Dad to come pick me up at whatever time in the middle of the night.

But I've never stayed at Paul's house before. I've actually only been there a few times at all which makes me feel kinda weird about spending the night. So, yeah, I'm feeling sick once again.

In other news, I missed a huge deal on BUS. Seems Deb made the posts in RW not count and everyone got huffy cos they thought it was a personal attack on them when it wasn't. Now the posts count again and there's a note about spamming up. I've also noticed that the post count of one of the worst spammers has dropped quite a few thousand.

Hopefully this'll be better, I really was getting so sick of the constant 'lol's in every thread. Unfortunately it seems to have had the side effect of slug porn overrunning the forum....eep.

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