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The 11th Hour

I have returned from the 11th Hour convention! And yes, I had a brilliant time. That's not to say there wasn't some serious anxiety, but I got through it and the good parts of the weekend definitely outweighed the bad.

Here, have some ramblings about my time there:

It was awesome.

The guests were all amazing. Obviously Matt Smith was my main reason for being there, but the others were brilliant too. There wasn't a single one I didn't like. When I saw Tony Lee and Jim Swallow on the list I wasn't overly interested in them as I don't really read or listen to comic or audio books, but I caught some of their talks and they were great. So much fun.

The Sheppards were a highlight. While everyone else stayed on the stage during their talks, Mark and Morgan wandered around the room and really interacted with everyone. Mark was amazing, he clearly loves conventions and his roles. He was quite passionate about Crowley not being an evil character and pointed out that you've never seen his eyes flash so is he really a demon? I'm sure if I actually watched Supernatural I'd be very intrigued by this!

Frances Barber was so lovely. Neve McIntosh was a lot of fun. Catrin Stewart was so sweet (I think it was her first convention and she was a bit overwhelmed.) Simon Fisher-Becker was great, he clearly loves Doctor Who as much as we do. Dan Starkey was funny. Christina Chong was cool. Stuart Milligan was chatty and fun (he was telling me about a film he did with Morgan and Jack Palance in the early 80s). All of them were great, really.

And Matt. I didn't think I could love Matt more than I already did, but I do. He must have been so worn out by everything but he stayed happy and smiling and was so lovely to everyone who was there. I had two photo sessions with him, one at 9am and one at 11am and when I went to the 11am one he said "Hello again." I was amazed he remembered me when he must have seen countless people in between. He also said "Thanks, have a brilliant day" after both pictures were taken. And he was posing for other people, using their sonic screwdrivers and holding their props. So much more than I expected from a guy who has so much to do.

Also, it had originally been said that during the autograph session he wouldn't be personalising, which made sense since considering the amount of things he was going to have to sign (There were about 500 people at the convention and everyone had one auto included in their ticket and were allowed to buy up to four more.) But then as we were queueing it was announced that he had agreed to personalise one item for each person. So that was awesome. I'm surprised his hand didn't drop off by the end of the day!

His talk was really good as well. I loved what he said about Alex Kingston being able to flirt with a tree and that kissing her was "Bliss. She can kiss and she smells nice." And he wants Doctor Who Confidential to come back. So listen up BBC! He also had a really good answer for what he thought was in the Doctor's room in The God Complex (ten hanging men and an empty noose) and I just loved how much he knew about the show and the thought that he has put into it. He really cares about it. Even if he did call 'The Impossible Astronaut' 'The Astronaut's Wife' a few times!

The other great part of the convention was the lovely people I met there. On the first night I was loitering around on my own looking for the newbies table that had been mentioned on the forum but I couldn't find it. After a while a guy came up to me and asked if I was there by myself and invited me to join him and his friend. And that's how I met Terri and David. They were really good at rounding up strays and as we were waiting for the opening ceremony to begin they brought Darin into the fold. He was great, always so happy and excited for everything!

At the meet and greet I saw two people I thought might be Caro and Hannah from Tumblr so I went over and, after kind of freaking them out with my recognition of them, invited them to come and join our table. I spent most of the weekend with them and it was brilliant. Caro and I stayed up in the bar until 4am getting really drunk that first night. I think that's the best way to meet new people, to be honest!

Later in the weekend I met Jane, who was also lovely. She asked Matt to point the sonic screwdriver at her during her first photo with him and it came out looking really good! I was quite jealous!

And the thing is that when you're with other people like that, waiting in queues for ages doesn't seem so bad. It can actually be a lot of fun. I'm so glad I met these people because I know I wouldn't have had nearly as good a time if I was doing it all on my own.

So all in all I had a great time and I would really love to go to another one. Starfury did announce another con later this year with Doctor Who/Torchwood actors, but it seems mostly focused on the pre-Matt Smith era and I'm not as excited about that. But if they do another one with the current stars next year I would definitely consider going. Especially if my new friends were going too. :)

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