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Doctor Who News

So the new Doctor Who companion was announced today. I also had today off work. I could pretend that I'm such an obsessive Whovian that I took the day off specifically because of this, but actually I'm just using up my last few remaining holiday days and booked this time off before we knew when the announcement was going to be. Still, it all worked out pretty well cos it meant I had the day to flail and panic and react and try to get my feelings under control.

I did write up an initial response and posted it on Tumblr earlier, so I think I'll just copy and paste it here. It's my thoughts about the announcement of the new companion and also about a tweet by the Doctor Who account regarding something Moffat said about the method of Amy and Rory's departure. So, you know, spoilers.

Re: The New Companion

I don’t actually have anything to say about Jenna-Louise Coleman because I’ve never seen her in anything or have any idea who she is. That was my reaction to Matt Smith’s casting too, which bodes well considering how much I love him now.

Having said that, I’m still not exactly happy. But that’s just my own irrational feelings that won’t go away despite how many times the logical side of my brain tries to patiently explain to them that Amy and Rory are leaving no matter what. I think my feelings were enjoying clinging on to the last few days where Karen and Arthur were still the only official companions because then I could stick my fingers in my ears and go “la la la, I’m not listening, they’re staying forever” but now this announcement has made their departure all the more real.

I just... I love the Family Pond dynamic so much. Husband and wife and daughter and son-in-law in the Tardis and that’s all going to go away. And what if there’s less River because her storyline is so intertwined with Amy and Rory’s? What if once her parents are gone we don’t see her anymore? I don’t think I could handle that!

I think it’s because I love Doctor Who so much at the moment that I’m scared of change, because to my mind there’s nowhere for the show to go but down. Which is silly, I know. But that’s how I feel. I’m trying to be rational though, to keep calm and trust Moffat. He hasn’t let me down yet.


Re: The Tweet

When I saw Moffat say that the Weeping Angels were coming back, my first thought was that, back in Blink at least, they killed with kindness by sending the people they touched back in time. So what if they touch Amy and Rory and send them back in time and for some reason the Doctor can’t get to them (I don’t know why he wouldn’t be able to, but I’m sure Moffat can come up with something) so they live their lives together but can never see the Doctor again. And then we see them die of old age, so that explains why Moffat said not everyone gets out alive. That’s a final ending for them but they still get to be happy.

Except, what if whatever’s stopping the Doctor from finding them means they can’t ever see River again either. That would be too sad. Dammit, it’s perfect other than that.

I did consider that the Angels might send just one of them back, but that would lead to a scenario that’s too similar to The Girl Who Waited so I don’t think they’d do that.

Of course this if Moffat we’re talking about, so he’s probably come up with something I’d never think up in a million years and there’s no point in me trying.
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