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So, the barbeque was great. I said I'd be fine once I was actually there and I was. It makes me feel so stupid to worry about it so much when I KNOW it's just a tiny part.

Paul introduced me to this wonderful drink made of Southern Comfort, blackcurrant and lemonade. It was sooo good!

Jess decided to organise my birthday for me, something about them all coming here and going for a meal at the pub. I'm not sure what exactly's going to happen, I suppose I'll just wait until she tells me more about it!

We had a dance mat tournament. I'd never used one of those before, either at home or in an arcade so I failed miserably the first couple of times but then got into it and actually did quite well. Go me and my funky dancing!

I suppose the only downside is I often had trouble hearing what people were saying which led to blank looks and me saying something non-committal in the hopes that it made sense!

When I came home today I ended up sleeping for a few hours even though I got quite a bit of sleep last night. I always seem to be more tired after social situations.

And on an unrelated note, a quote from my mother:

"We'll have to go to America in January. We can go and visit Sarah."

That was in response to finding out that the new season of Alias starts in the US in January. Heh. Just doing my part to spread the Alias addiction.

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