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There's a Box!

Loving the date. Yay for Friday the 13th! This is where I would launch into my ramblings of why exactly it is seen as unlucky. But I shall resist and simply mention how funny I find that people say "thank God it's Friday" when Friday is actually considered unlucky for Biblical reasons.

Anyway, what's been going on in my life...

  • There is a giant box in the living room.

  • Still no response from Rachel. I've given up and am now looking at other properties. There's a flat in Whitstable with sea views that sounds lovely. They want post-grads but I'm hoping that my quiet, non-partying ways will be acceptable.

  • Seriously, this box is HUGE!

  • My ears are still giving me problems, but now Mum says she has the same symptoms so hopefully we'll go to a doctor.

  • It's Jess' barbecue tomorrow. I'm really anxious about going but I hope I'll be okay once I'm there. It's silly but the thing I'm most worried about it going up and knocking on the door!

  • I think this box contains the mystical land of Narnia. Except that's in Darwin.

  • Ooh, blackberries.

Is that it? I think that's it. Probably not, there's probably something I'm forgetting but that's it for now.

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