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Ear Again

Today I went to see the nurse to get my ear syringed. It's felt blocked for a few weeks now and not being able to hear properly is really annoying. It was especially bad last week at Nando's when I could barely hear anyone, even the people who were right next to me. So I was looking forward to walking out of the surgery with clear ears and proper hearing.

But it turns out that there's no wax in that ear and the problem is actually that I have a rather nasty ear infection. So that was a surprise, especially since it doesn't hurt and last time I had an ear infection I couldn't sleep without ibuprofen.

I've been prescribed ear drops and oral antibiotics, so hopefully it will feel better soon. I'm a bit upset that the antibiotics come in gelatin capsules, but there's not really anything I can do about that now. I wonder if there's some kind of vegetarian repentance dance I can do afterwards, maybe sacrifice a lentil or something.
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