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Milky the Demon

I think there's a toy conspiracy. Some kind of Order of the Possessed Playthings, devoted to infiltrating the minds and souls of children everywhere. I say this because Milky the Bunny is quite clearly demonic yet nobody else seems to realise this. Clearly the influence of the OofPP reaches far and wide. I fear it may attempt to silence me as well, but I am willing to take that risk because the truth must be told.

We sell Milky the Bunny where I work and there is one in our stockroom. That is where I first noticed how really fucking creepy it is and where I first realised that it radiated pure evil.

So I went online to see what other people were saying about this obviously demonic toy, only to discover that it was being lauded as the must-have toy for girls this Christmas, that Milky is adorable and cuddly and lovable. No one had a bad word to say about it.

Apparently no one else can see that Milky is a soul-sucking demon.


Just look at that picture and tell me that that bunny is not biding its time, waiting until the child is sleeping so it can make its move and suck out her soul.

I fear that it may already be too late. But when the OofPP uses armies of soulless children to attack us all soon after Christmas, don't say I didn't warn you.
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