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Friday Fun

Yay for Friday! I'm so over this whole responsible-adult-full-day-of-work thing. I'm so tired! (Before you judge me too harshly for that, I would like to point out that my job is pretty physical. And I'm pretty lazy.) I have the same hours next week so maybe I'll get used to it. Probably right about the time they reduce my hours again.

I'm currently drinking a Gin and Sin. A most lovely cocktail that I actually have the ingredients to make at home! Yay!

Recently I've found myself longing for autumn, although I know I shouldn't be wishing the summer away. I did recently dream that there was a beautiful canopy of autumn leaves outside our living room window. Then a dinosaur came along and ate them all. I was very upset. At the loss of the leaves. Apparently the dinosaur didn't bother me.
Tags: autumn, dream, drinking, tired, work

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