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Wherein I complain about my silly human body

I don't think I've mentioned my lack of hearing in my journal yet. How weird, it's been six days and you'd think I would have whined about it before now. But never fear, I will now rectify that oversight.

So here goes: It's disconcerting and annoying. It also made the pub quiz very difficult cos people would be talking and I would have no idea what they were saying.

It seems to be getting better, at least I hope it is. A couple of days ago both ears both really bad and it was difficult to hear anything but now my left is better. At least I can hear out of that side. The right is still giving me problems, not only can I not hear out of it it also hurts whenever I yawn or anything like that.

And while I'm here complaining about my body, remember a few days ago I mentioned I have a weird bruise on my foot? Well, now I have bruises on my leg. Again I have no idea how they got there and they're in spots so it's not like I hit it on something. Weirdness.

Also my head feels really strange, like it's crunching and jarring inside. I don't know how to explain it but I want it to go away because it's not exactly a pleasant experience.

I think that's it. Well, there's the red bumps on my finger joints but they're more annoying and ugly than anything else. They hurt if I press them so I just won't press them.

So here endeth my whining. Let's move on to more interesting things, like Panorama programs about Olympic bids. Yeah, I'm not really paying attention.

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