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I Laugh in the Face of Best Before Dates

Then I eat the food anyway. So the lemon coke says Oct 03? Pah! That's nothing. The popcorn was 18/06/03. It was rather chewy, like bad cinema popcorn really. Don't get me wrong, I love cinema popcorn but it's not always exactly fresh.

Now I'm drinking orange juice and coke. It's one of those things that tastes nice but looks disgusting. Seriously, if someone else made this and gave it to me there's no way I'd drink it. It looks like dirty pond sludge water.

You know how when you come down from a high you feel even worse than you did before? Well, I've kind gone in the opposite direction. I felt crappy earlier and now I'm feeling upbeat, which I'll probably regret later when I come down again but whatever.

I'm watching more Alias eps from season one. Hee, Quentin Tarantino running! Funny. I've only just started the episode because I was watching the film "My Fellow Americans" which I highly recommend. 'Twas also funny. I especially liked the line where the woman says they're Republican and Douglas responds "well at least you can admit it, that's the first step towards recovery."

And in the stupidity section of the news, I was bidding on a Mists of Avalon DVD on ebay and forgot about it! I'd been keeping careful watch over it for days then in the last hour got distracted and it ended with someone else outbidding me. I'm such an idiot.

One more thing before I return to my DVD and sludge, and that is the community, fanfic_hate. (How do I make that into a link? I couldn't find it in the FAQs.) I was reading some of the things they were saying and while I'm sure all this negativity is not good for me I did find links to some fics that I think are quite good. Funny how often you can find good things by looking at what other people hate!

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