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Hey, everyone! Remember me? I'd been taking a little LJ-hiatus in order to become an unsociable recluse, but it's a new month and I'm trying to get back into the social habit.

I've been quite productive during my absence. Last week I went to London and booked my holiday to Las Vegas and San Francisco in June. (Hopefully once the date arrives I will have learnt how to spell 'Francisco' without having to stop and think about it like I do now.) Weirdly, it still doesn't feel like it's really happening. It still feels like something we're planning to do one day if we ever get around to it. I think I felt the same way about Australia, but I had a lot longer to wait between booking and going with that one.

Also, in the past few days I have done various things that normal adults can do without issue but which make me sick with anxiety. Not that I wasn't still sick with anxiety, but the important thing is that I did them. Maybe, in time, I too will be a proper grown-up.

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