Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Ceremony Still

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

Oh. My. God. They're autotuning Harry Potter! And some other films. AND TWILIGHT: ECLIPSE! THIS IS AMAZING! Damn, that should have been longer.

Also, Anne Hathaway, I think I love you. Just saying.

Hey, Oprah! Looking good. I like your dress.

Documentary - Inside Job. Another point to me.

McGee is still on the sofa with us but he has his paw over his face. Does that mean that he doesn't approve of the Oscars? Or does he just want us to go away!

I'm now eating mini eggs. I love mini eggs. It's not Easter but I don't even care. Mini eggs are amazing.

I think I should have more wine.

Hey, it's Sherlock and Watson! I ship it.

Visual Effects. If Inception doesn't win this then there is no justice in the world. But it does, so we can all rest easy.

Editing - The Social Network.

Anne Hathaway has changed again.

More singing. I like Florence Welch's dress here.

Gwyneth Paltrow does not look good.

We must be coming to the end of the ceremony soon. Just the big four to go!
Tags: oscars

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