Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

Still With the Ceremony

These people look very American. And I'm sure that joke made sense to Americans.

Anne Hathaway has changed again. Not too sure about this dress, I think it flares out in the wrong place.

Hugh Jackman! I love you Hugh Jackman! Sort out your hair, though.

Hey, Star Wars. And something. And... ET? And something else. If this is supposed to show how music and films are so linked that hearing the music makes you think of the film then I think I fail.

Original Score - The Social Network. I'm getting quite a good lead here, but I don't want to be too happy about it. There's still time for it all to turn around!

Sound Mixing - Inception.

Sound Editing - Inception.

Ok, I think I can be pleased now. Looking at the remaining categories and our predictions, I don't think it's possible for me to lose.

Current score:

Caroline: 8
Paul: 2

What's with the shoulder things, Cate Blanchett? How did I miss those before?

Makeup - The Wolfman.

Costume Design - Alice in Wonderland. Paul clawing his way back up with a point there!

No, Kevin Spacey, you are not Drunk George. And we are sad for that. I miss Drunk George.

Hey, Chuck! Chuck is at the Oscars! Are you there for a secret CIA mission? Is Anne Hathaway an evil double agent? Where's Sarah? I bet she'd look good in an Oscar dress.

Lol, Jake Gyllenhaal said that Shorts are the hardest to predict on home ballots. That's why we don't include them on ours!
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