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Continuing Ceremony

Best Animated Short. We didn't predict this one, even though The Gruffalo is one of the only two films I've actually seen out of all the nominees this year! But the winner was The Lost Thing.

Best Animated Feature Film. It's got to be Toy Story 3, hasn't it? Yes, yes it has. First points of the night! Paul and I are now tied on one each.

Adapted Screenplay. The Social Network. We're now on two each! I love how he's just ignoring the music. He's going to finish his acceptance speech, no matter what you play at him!

Original Screenplay. We differ with our predictions here, so are we finally going to stop being tied? Yes. I have taken the lead thanks to The King's Speech!

Anne Hathaway's changed again! Ooh, singing. Yes, the singing two years ago was awesome. This singing is pretty good too. Hugh Jackman looking kinda terrified in the audience there. What has he done to his hair? I might have to have words with him about that.

I have no idea what is going on here with the Marilyn dress.

Russell and Helen! Represent the UK!

Foreign Language Film - In a Better World

Supporting Actor - Christian Bale. He of the scary beard that completely does not match his hair. I mean, seriously, has nobody told him how ridiculous he looks? And how much he looks like Keanu Reeves, for that matter.
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