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They have drugs for this right?

Someone on SD-1 posted a recipe for vegetarian marshmallows. It needs corn syrup, which we don't generally have over here but there is a deli in London that sells it. So I went to the website and found you can buy quite a few American products. I got all excited and decided to get some Hershey's and goldfish while I was there but then it came to filling in my details and it wouldn't let me go on without filling in my phone number.

So I can't buy them.

Anyone reading this would probably now be saying "Huh? Why not? Doesn't she have a phone." Well, I have a phone but I will not give them my number because if I give them my number then there is a chance they'll call me. And I won't take that chance.

Why can't I function like an adult?

In my defence, I do have a valid reason for my worry. In my mind at least. And that is that I remember Mum ordering something online (American sweets for me actually) and they didn't ask for her credit card details online, they phoned her up and she had to give them to them like that. And for me, that is a major no-no. No way. No way can I do that.

Pathetic? Perhaps. Me? Definitely.


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Aug. 2nd, 2004 09:15 am (UTC)
Put my number and Í'll play secretary. :D
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