Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

The Awards Begin

And it's ceremony time! Yay!

So far so good, I'm liking the film-hopping opening. It's actually funny! And it has God Morgan Freeman in it! Awesome. I hope the rest of the ceremony continues this way!

Anne Hathaway has already changed dresses. I like this one, although I would prefer slightly fewer silver bits.

And her mother's in on the act too. Between this, people bringing their mothers and the mominees tweeting, it looks like mums are taking over the Academy!

Titanic was over a decade ago! I mean I knew that, but hearing Tom Hanks emphasis it so much makes me feel old.

First award of the night - Art Direction. Paul and I have different predictions for this so it'll be interesting to see who takes the early lead... And it's neither of us cos neither of us put Alice in Wonderland. Lol.

Cinematography. Inception. Still no points for either of us. Oh my god, we're rubbish at this.

I should probably also point out that now the ceremony's started Paul and I have cracked open the Cava, so my posts may start making less and less sense.

James Franco looks kinda like James Marsden, or is that just me?

Wow, Kirk Douglas. Tom Hanks doesn't look so old now!

Best Supporting Actress. I say Hailee, Paul says Helena. I just don't want it to be Melissa.

Dammit. Melissa Leo. Paul and I are still tied on nil/nil.
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