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Oh finally, we actually get to go to the red carpet.

Yes, Lucy Cotter, I agree that it's more exciting there than in the studio. I'm going to assume your surprised tone was you being sarcastic and making a point about the amount of time we've wasted with the panel instead of being with you.

Oh, and now we're going back to talk more about the films. Great. Maybe I should take a nap before we get to the good bits.

But I do have to wonder why Robbie Collin couldn't get trousers that fit. Did he not realise he was going to be on TV this evening?

Hey, we're now with some American lady explaining the theatre to us. There are actually people around her. Yay for stuff happening!

Ooh, backstage. That's a fancy greenroom.

Hey, Mila Kunis! Looking pretty although I'm not sure about the dress. And Hailee Steinfeld. Her dress is gorgeous but she does look about eight. And Jesse Eisenberg. Men are boring, they all wear the same. Except Nick Park, but there's no Wallace and Gromit this year.

Amy Adams. Interesting dress. It looks rather... solid.

Jennifer Lawrence. In a red Baywatch-esque dress! Nice.

It's Russell Brand looking almost normal. That must have been difficult for him. And he brought his mum. Awww!

Melissa Leo is wearing a giant doily.

I do wonder if Lucy Cotter was in a bad position and Sky had to show an American thing instead because she wasn't getting any interviews or seeing anyone. It did look very quiet there when we cut to her earlier.
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