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Chuck vs Prison Break

I've caught up on Chuck season 3! Yay! The DVD boxset is truly one of the most glorious inventions of our time.

I'm half tempted to do picture recaps for it like I did with Prison Break, but it's a lot of work for something no one will actually read.

Speaking of Prison Break though, I couldn't help but notice certain similarities:

First of all, both shows came to a natural conclusion at the end of season two, everyone was happy, loose ends were tied up and it was the perfect place to stop. But both shows were renewed for another season, so something had to be tacked on to the end of the season two finale which introduced a new storyline for season three.

But that's where that particular similarity ends because Prison Break's season three sucked epic amounts of monkey balls while Chuck's season three was totally awesome. Prison Break did improve a lot in season four, but it still didn't come close to the brilliant first two seasons. I think Prison Break should have stopped when it had the chance, but I'm really glad Chuck continued.

Another theme between the two is the absentee father, who everyone thought was a loser who abandoned his kids, returning and revealing himself to actually be a central player in the super secret government conspiracy/project the main character is involved with. Chuck's father managed to live longer than Michael's and contribute more to the story, but the basic idea was the same. And they're both dead now (although Daddy Bartowski did die very close to that cellular regeneration thing they used to save Agent Superman after he got shot. Hmmm)

And, after the father, we come neatly to the next point; the main character's mother. Again, both women turn out to not be what was originally thought. In Prison Break, Christina Rose turned out to have faked her death and actually be a totally evil bitch who had no problem whatsoever with trying to kill her sons, thus ruining a lot of what we knew about the characters' history and making so sense whatsoever. In Chuck, well I don't know yet.

I really hope Chuck handles it well. I'd like for Mommy Bartowski not to be evil but if she is going to be then can they at least have her be played by Lena Olin. She was awesome as SpyMommy on Alias (before that show also started sucking and completely messing up everything we'd been told and ruining so much character development in the process.) Chuck is a much lighter show than either of those two, though, so I'm hopeful.

Of course I am very behind with Chuck and season four has been on for a few months now so this has probably all been revealed already and I just look like an idiot to anyone who's further along the series than I am. But I'm not going to spoil myself. I'm going to watch the episodes properly. I just wanted to get my thoughts down on paper screen.

Also, I need to get me some Chuck icons.

I've just realised that Alias fits a lot of this too. I know I mentioned it briefly when talking about reappearing mothers, but actually it fits the rest of the points as well.

Seasons one and two of Alias were amazing, I loved them, they brought joy and happiness into my life. If it had ended with everything wrapped up at the end of season two, it would have been great (although, admittedly, I probably would have been upset and wanted it to continue because at that point I didn't realise just how sucktactic it was going to become). But they had to add on that ridiculous bit at the end of the season two finale to set up season three and everything just went downhill from there.

It also had the distant father who was actually centrally involved with the main plot. Although he was revealed right at the beginning and was a main character throughout rather than being a surprise reveal later on. And, as has been previously mentioned, it had the mother who wasn't what the main character thought she was.

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